The Movie Avatar--An Interpretation

The number of matches I have found in various reading frames in the Avatar movie to my life suggests that is has to do with my life and that it is quite aggressive and mildly informative. There is less giving than taking. It confirms several important issues discussing my Ödessymfoni—A New Type of Concentration Camp and the Reinvention of the Guillotine that was written before I saw the movie. Had I seen the movie prior to writing my life story someone would proably have used it to block such a tale. If I do not find all subtle symbolic references in Avatar to my life, such issues could be used to formulate so called “snedskjutningar”, usually erroneous stories made up from things that actually have happened and thus making them harder to fight, that I am told to avoid due to bad conscience.

After having concluded this, it could be of interest to consider the point that it would be a little megalomaniac to think a $237m movie was made to ‘shoot’ myself, although it made the producers a small fortune since it brought in $2,750m at the box office. In such a case it would be necessary to introduce another motive a friendship to a global socialistic authoritarian network or similar. Such a motive could be deduced from the use of this kind of films to arouse a certain brand of adventure prone indivuals to become political assassins as detailed above. To give people you wiped out yourself in some fashion a seemingly meaningful suicide mission.

To make a movie where nearly all comments are interpretable as code and perhaps half of the scenes similarly interpretable demands that you start out with a blue print for this code and build plot dialoge and filming totally on this scheme with lots of face similarities. Totally destroying a life from 14 to 15 years and following this up with continuous destruction of course might be a way to create an endearing story that turns out to be an all time box office success. That such life fates might be more common these days than people can imagine would be one possible conclusion due to abuse of power with the technology. It would also explain the success Mel Gibson had with his movie The Passion of the Christ that cost only $30m to make and which brought in $650m at the box office.

In terms of identification the movie plot offers a choice between pest and cholera. On the one hand a Nazi style personality who uses gas and incineraries to wipe out a culture on the other cave men type neurotoxin wielding savages busy in a new type of sex cult. Jakesully the Toruk Mak Tau however cries out “they are not going to take everthing they want from us” when he rallies the clans for a counter attack. Having had the Na’vi in my ‘ears’ for 12.5 years now, this is however what they do for a living. They steal immaterial property right out of your brain and from your computer and this might be a global menance by now, calculating from the box office numbers. The irony is that people might not realize that Jakesully in actuality is shooting himself in the foot with his accusation. I can say this after having seen the movie 16 times but a person that sees it only once hears what Jakesully says when he unifies the clans and does not perhaps understand what the Na’vi in actuality is out “hunting”.

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