Torture and harassments?

What is torture? I guess it is when people are quite nasty to you. The debate and the fight between Holder and Cheney in the US is continuing. The use of TTDE in torture and harassment is intimately linked with threats (Olaga Hot). It is absolutely horrible that there is no one to turn to in society when you have the kind of problems I had. I will just list what I remember of what happened as a preamble to the Chrystal Night of my life where my mental health was taken away from me. I'm alone in my apartment and I have no idea when this is going to end.

There was the six so called "smällar". I don't know what it is in reality but I just experienced a bang and my body jumped while lying down. It could be a simulation of a slap on the face over the whole body. I prayed my heart would not start to fibrillate.

There was the two "spärrar". The head starts to oscillate back and forth on the torso at about 1-2 Hz using the neck muscles. It continues for about 5-10 seconds. Absolutely horrible.

I was sham-executeed twice using a simulation of the brain tilting over in my head after which I fainted. Could have been a simulation of a stroke. Scary!

The worst thing I was subjected to was a supposed constriction of the aorta that increased pressure on the heart valves to their breaking point. They gave my a horrible feeling in the body as someone talked me through this. I could not tell if it was real or just a simulation.

I was also subjected to intense headaches and I was given nausea for hours followed by and induced vomiting. They have some special affinity for giving diarrheas. I got some 40 very strong ones that leaves the tummy all messed up and that were very acute. Hundreds of regular ones. Imagine this. Some guy sits somewhere and gives you trouble just when he feels like.

I was given several sartorious cramps. The sartorious muscle extends from the inside of the knee to the outside of the hip. It is long and thin. This really hurts and I jumped up trying to counter stretch to release cramp. They also cramp the foot on both sides so it is not possible to counter stretch it and call this "fotknöl". Many times.

Just for the humiliation of it someone is pestering me with a nightly ejaculation that wakes me up. The often hurt because they are so violent. Some 18 by now over the years.

Also very ominous was the "sänkning" which they did when the picked me up for transport to Lillhagsparken. The light just went out and I fell to the floor. Afterwards I felt really strange. I have never felt like that. Perhaps it was a near death experience.

This is what I remember plus all the psychological torture and sleep deprivation.


As full employment as possible with the strongest team

I read Anders Borg's speech today at Nya Moderaterna's conference and I think I learned something important.

Borg maintain that every economic crisis has earlier led to a lowering of the employment of the country. Alliansen have countered this expansion and the challenge is now to get employment back after the current crisis to avoid a continuation of the trend of loss of employment after a crisis.

Is this possible? If the reason for loss of employment is an increase globally in the competence of the work force, then we will see more and more people falling out into the "utanförskap", or outsideship.

This might be impossible without the changes that Niklas Wykman and Magnus Andersson, the chairpersons of MUF and CUF, respectively, is talking about, i.e., changes in the LAS law where employers can fire not so competent employees and replace them with more competent individuals irrespective of how long time they have been employed. Drastically speaking replacing the zombies with the best young ones. Such changes would lower the security a little but increase the productivity of companies and make it possible to compete with other countries.

This is of course the same as saying that we should listen to values from other countries rather than sticking frantically to the typically Swedish ones, i.e., social democratic ones.

Munkhammar, Wykman, Fjellner on same issue.


Ted Kennedy

Op-Ed Columnist - The Great Gradualist - NYTimes.com: "This culture, this spirit, this system is not perfect, but it is our own. American voters welcome politicians who propose reforms that smooth the rough edges of the system. They do not welcome politicians and proposals that seek to contradict it. They do not welcome proposals that centralize power and substantially reduce individual choice. They resist proposals that put security above mobility and individual responsibility"

The above is the reason for why Ted Kennedy did not become president, if I understand David Brooks right. People have been writing for three days about him now and it is clear from the bipartisan response that Chappaquiddick is forgotten. In America you get a second chance. Brooks don't even mention it.

The above is also an interesting description of the American society that is useful to compare with the Swedish and with the "Föregångsland" thing that Fredrik Reinfeldt did yesterday. In Sweden we want to improve the quality of the welfare state, a concept the Americans don't even talk about with their 46m uninsured.

Brooks seem to say that the US is united. It have not seemed like this during the health insurance debate. I still have hopes that President Obama will make the US more "European" by passing a good health care bill. I still think Dangerous Nation needs to modernize its social sector while keeping up its competitiveness. Otherwise we might see in Europe that the welfare is going to loose out to the competitiveness.


Create values that connect with the world

Startsidan - Centerpartiet: "Vi vill ha ett öppet samhälle, dels i form av en human och ansvarsfull integrationspolitik, dels i form av försvar av människors integritet. Det handlar också om att skapa värderingar som gör oss öppna för omvärlden."

I found this on the web site of Centerpartiet. They want to connect with the world by adapting our values. This is progressive and it is disheartening to realize that Centerpartiet is one of the smaller two parties. Kristdemokraterna probably agree more with Reinfeldt so Centerpartiet might be the only one that don't want to behave like an ostrich in Alliansen. Folkpartiet might, however, since they are pro-EU and pro-EMU.

The Arab world seems very resistant to learning from the West. They translate very few books into Arabic which would affect values of their society. We do translate a lot and also import other forms of culture. It seems to me very reasonable to assume that we will over time develop more universal values that makes it possible for us to better compete in a globalized world.

Leader of the Pack?

M siktar på lång regeringsmakt Inrikes SvD: "Vår ambition med Föregångslandet Sverige är inte att Sverige ska bli ett annat land. Vi går inte till andra länder för att finna de värderingar vi vill ska känneteckna Sverige. Den bästa grunden för våra ambitioner och våra idéer finns här hemma, sade Reinfeldt"

I see. The thing with EU is over. I don't think this way because I have been abroad working for 10 years. I think we have a lot to learn from other people and other cultures. Also from cultures that immigrate to Sweden. This is especially true for the future in a globalized world. It could even be so that Sweden have to change a little to accommodate its new position in the world?

If the politicians don't realize this, they might find that the people is going to get the stimulation themselves due to the new information highways. Sorry, this message was to reactionary and nationalistic for me. The conservative-liberal party has become the conservative only?

We are good on energy and we have the welfare state, the latter which supposedly is from around here, but ideas on how we are going to afford to continue having a welfare state would have been interesting to hear from the leadership. It is not the jobs or work for the kids. It is about what they are actually going to do, then they will work just fine.

Diplomacy gets high tech?

Alec Ross at the US State Department says that there has been very few shifts in the way diplomacy is made. Before the telegraph it took a month for letters to go back and forth over the Atlantic. Now recently the Internet is shaking things up again.

Diplomacy is going government to government, government to people and people to people thanks to technological advances. We have seen evidence of people to government when Bill Clinton went to North Korea the other week.

There was an article in The New York Times the other day that talked about new algorithms that can mine feelings out of for example the blogosphere like Google today is mining facts. It will therefore be possible for individuals to respond to large groups of people themselves. Politics and diplomacy will be able to respond faster than by polls. It is important to ask if the blogosphere is representative of the people in an area?

The question is how governments will react to the government to people in an other country situation? It might be something a government must accept as something they can't do anything about. This would in turn weaken governments substantially. Is this way party memberships are dwindling? People are seeking other positions of power. Knowledge centers?

As Alec Ross points out the era when diplomats sat chatting at a mahogany table over a cup of coffee is over.

Governments will be custodians of the state but lack ideology and power?



That is it! Discovery! Christer Fuglesang disappointed me this morning when I went up early to see the takeoff but apparently I get another chance on Friday morning. The shuttle program is at its end and I guess the next logical step is a manned mission to Mars. The takeoffs and landing are spectacular. As entertainment, but at the same time they fill me with a feeling of helplessness. They are not fast enough and a little too explosive. But it is great rooting for the astronauts.

Space travel to Mars is an endeavour that can be compared to the round-the-world trips yonder. They took years. I saw recently, on Kunskapskanalen, a series of 6 televised 45 minute programs that discussed all kinds of aspects of Man's first mission to Mars. My conclusion is that it is too expensive. There is water on Mars, however, as was recently discovered. But no signs of life, so far. It would of course be a fundamentally very important discovery with a second site for the appearance of life. Theology would get a beating, again.

I don't think I agree with Johan Norberg in his Metro column today when he argues against manned space travel. I think it is basic research that is necessary to do. There is not yet enough business in missions to the moon and elsewhere. Fuglesang is doing an extremely important job together with his fellow astronauts. Knowledge about our life form's interaction with space is of paramount importance and worth every cent.

However, I think it is time that we make a new discovery of the dignity of the nuclear power. We deserve a break either in energy production or physics that brings us an order of magnitude further out in space. It would be really nice with a discovery that tells us the speed of light is not the highest possible. An important question is whether we should stay on Earth for this break before we attempt to move passed the Moon? Money might be better spent in this fashion.

A Mars trip might be enconomically feasible if the whole world participated. The question is if it is yet possible to coordinate such a collaboration. Are we so friendly among the nations for such a longterm assignment?

A Non-Campaign in Germany

Angela Merkel, seule gagnante d'une non-campagne électorale, par Marie de Vergès - Opinions - Le Monde.fr: "Elections allemandes, morne plaine. Les citoyens de la République fédérale sont appelés aux urnes le 27 septembre pour renouveler leur Parlement. Mais l'échéance a beau se rapprocher, ce grand rendez-vous de la vie politique outre-Rhin suscite bien peu d'émoi : sans grands débats d'idées ni même quelques empoignades entre les principaux candidats, rarement bataille électorale aura été aussi molle. 'Nous sommes en période de campagne et personne ne veut y participer', soupirait, récemment, l'influent magazine Der Spiegel."

Well, as they wrote in Der Spiegel the other day and now in Le Monde, Germany is entering a Non-Campaign without debating ideas and without fights between the candidates. The polls show that Angela Merkel, more popular even than her party CDU, is going to win the election. Just back from a nice vacation in Italy, Merkel is not going to risk any scandals by arguing anything.

The SPD, like the social democrats in Sweden, have lost voters and it might even be so that the liberals can form a coalition with CDU/CSU thus avoiding the input from the left entirely. I argued in my last post that there might not be any ideological difference between the social democrats and the liberals any longer. Especially so after a couple of debate articles on DN.se the last days by moderate social democrats fishing for votes among the Swedish Alliance.

Fayyad run without politics?

Palestinian Leader Maps Plan for Separate State - NYTimes.com: "The plan, the first of its kind from the Palestinian Authority, sets out national goals and priorities and operational instructions for ministries and official bodies. Mr. Fayyad said it was meant to hasten the end of the Israeli occupation and pave the way to independent statehood, which he said “can and must happen within the next two years.”"

Why bother with politics! Let us just have a state! In the spirit of people like the Texas governor Rick Perry, Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Prime Minister, wants to build the institutions of a state in two years. This is pragmatism in action.

One problem is that the capital city of the purported state is going to be situated in East Jerusalem and that Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israelian prime minister does not want to divide Jerusalem at all.

Well, if Fayyad can organize Palestine in two years, I'm not sure I wish him well, because it would probably depend on "magic" and might backfire.

The other thing I wonder about is what will happen in two years if a state have not materialized? Will 80,000 Hizbollah rockets start to fly?

Jämlikhet banar väg för frihet?

"Jämlikhet banar väg för frihet" - Aktuella frågor - Sydsvenskan - Nyheter dygnet runt: "Att tillhandahålla resurser som utbildning, sjukvård och socialförsäkringar för att alla människor – och inte endast de som föds in i välmående miljöer eller har tur i det genetiska lotteriet – skall kunna ta självständiga beslut över sina liv"

It seems like "jämlikhet", or equality, is only defined for the needy who in the welfare state also are free. What the article does not define is the situation for the majority, who pays for the welfare state.

In my opinion there cannot be a "jämlikhet" for these people also because then it is socialism. When "jämlikhet" is defined for all people the title of the article becomes utterly social democratic. The people who have jobs and do not rely on welfare should not be equal, i.e., forced to egality by taxes and other means. In this pool of individuals there is free competition and opportunity. The law of Jante does not apply.

The freedom of the sick and people on welfare is not the same as the freedom given to people at work by the welfare system. Freedom from doing good is not the same as the peace of mind that comes from being taken care of.

Is this the difference between Folkpartiet and Social Demokraterna?



The Fatal Quiet: Netanyahu Leaves Divided Israel for Europe Trip - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International: "Segev sounds skeptical, almost resigned. Is there no glimmer of hope on the horizon? Yes, there is, he says: Marwan Barghouti. Sentenced to life in prison for three murders, the Palestinian leader has been in an Israeli prison since 2002. But he is believed to have become increasingly moderate and have developed into a proponent of peace. At the Fatah congress in early August, Barghouti, 50, was voted into the party's central committee with the third-largest number of votes of all candidates."

This article argues that Netanyahu has divided Israel, which is a lie, because it was divided already at the election. People here in Sweden and in Germany do not seem to understand, or accept rather, that Israel moved to the right. Democratically. Some see the status quo as good because they have problems understanding how peace would materialize, others see people like Barghouti as future partners for peace.

Anna Odell?

Trying to read up on the case of Anna Odell who apparently have tried to create a piece of art by wallraffing at the acute psychiatric care ward. On DN.se kultur May 8, 2009, I read an article that makes me wonder if Anna Odell is not in reality psychiatrically ill, rather than a criminal.

Apparently she had been suicidal 1995 at the same spot where she acted insane recently. I would also ask the question if not a person that voluntarily tries to get placed away at a psychiatric care unit is not a little ill. I wonder why they did not keep her there? Probably she had loving relatives and friends that vouched for her.

It does not seem that Ms Odell have managed to find faults with the psychiatric care. She reacts against the bed where she got strapped up but this is for a patient's safety only. It is also impossible to administer a drug if a patient is moving about. My experience with ten months at Lillhagsparken closed psychiatric care unit is positive in principle when it comes to the personnel. However, I was treated criminally several times by TTDE operators but they are not at the ward. Block of salivation a whole night that forced me to drink all the time and an evening with tooth ache an other time. By the way, I got a feeling that the particular ward did not contain regular psychiatrically ill patients but rather people that had some problem with TTDE. Someone called it a "tukthus", i.e., a place which is used for punishment only. A place where medical expertise is not really around. Where the so called physician says you are there for an acute psychosis but you don't receive any medication. My conclusion was that I was twice locked up for five months.

As I pointed out yesterday the most interesting aspect of the situation that Ms Odell is trying to present is not what happens at the acute ward, which is only routine, but why the patient is taken in. Why the police is called and who called. This aspect is not treated in her "piece of art".


Closed Psychiatric Care?

The single worse occasion in my life was when my mental health was taken away from me. It happened on November 9th, 2000 when I was taken in four five month of closed psychiatric care. The day of the Crystal Night 1938. I had then, since April 15, been subjected to quite extensive harassment and torture by TTDE and my daily sleep was down to about 2 hours per night. As a further means of bringing me down my eyesight was taken away from me during the stay at the hospital. I needed glasses when I came out.

Closed psychiatric care is a system by itself. Once you get a ticket to the ride, everything goes on rail. You can't argue with anything because due to your disease what you say carries no meaning. I got to think about this due to the headlines concerning Anna Odell. The important thing is who decides to bring you in and how this is performed. Gulag is very close. Perhaps a relative says that you don't seem yourself for some reason and they can use this. At the time I only had a contact at the welfare bureau once a month and there where no problems there. To this day, I don't know who did me in but I know that due to the advancement of science the old invented diagnosis of schizophrenia is possible to ascertain with fMRI so they have been starting to talk about dementia instead. It is possible to lower memory capacity and lower the capacity for associations with TTDE. They try to make me believe that I'm ill.

In my case people broke into my apartment and I was brought by the police to the hospital. Or should I call it prison. I did not give any signs of psychiatric disease to the person calling himself a psychiatrist that was among the eight people that came but he wrote the magical "vårdintyg" right there. I was not given medication for the first couple of weeks interestingly enough which in essence proves he had not a clue of a disease. Then all of a sudden I was supposed to get injections because I refused pills. Psychopharmacological drugs are poison to a healthy body and I did not voluntarily admit to disease. To further bring that point home I made passive resistance to the attempt of the first injection. I was strong at the time so I was difficult to force onto the berth of restrainment. Later injections I also did not voluntarily participate in although I did not make passive resistance. I felt this was important in order not to seek medical help myself. I still have never asked for "sjukskrivning" so I am still technically under forced care at home. Force meaning the nasty treatment with TTDE they gave me once when I tried to quit taking pills.

The way I see what happened between 1998 and 2001 was that first they wanted to dirty me up with the "rapes" for two years. I figured that they needed to catch me in an interaction with someone. Not good for a married person. I have never had sex with someone else when in a relationship. Therefore I took great care in not doing this. When this did not work, they opened the ear hallucination channel and started hitting me badly up until Nov 9th, 2000. The purpose of this treatment, in my humble opinion, was to make me capitulate for the force of my tormentor and ask for psychiatric care. They then took my eyesight to further weaken me. It was a real blow I can admit.

During all this time, due to the harassment tortures and rape, a person with my medical and research background understood the function of TTDE. Prior to 1998 I did not know of its existence but once enlightened I realized that I had been hit many times over the years since about 15 years of age.

Right now, because what I write in my blog, or just for making my mood lower, I am subjected to "krämpor" or ailments. I have an Achilles tendon that hurts a little after Brad Pitt was on the television in the movie Achilles. I did not see it but someone engaged my mother in playing so she informed me. They keep engaging my mother in showing me things on the television all the time for the games. Annoying. I have an ulnar nerve paresthesia. I think someone is trying to make me believe that I'm hurting my elbow while on the computer because I'm leaning on my elbow while reading. I have a skin lesion on my thumb on a spot where I'm supposed to believe that I cause myself by scratching with my finger nail. They turned off the left ear function again. Worst of all is that I'm made sleepy in the mornings. This looks bad because if I'm presented to someone only up to 5pm they think I'm not working a full day. However I work all nights. I work American hours. In plain language. People try to scare me with TTDE all the time and use it for making me search for medical aid.

There is no respect for private property what so ever. I have been on my own money for four years but the harassments just continued. This is a theft of my inheritage of my father's that I have been living on.

The government vs the press

Some people say that the Swedish government can't comment on articles in the press. Well, there are quite o few articles written most of the time and it would be very difficult for the government to say anything without commenting on one of these articles.

Therefore it would be quite proper for the government to say that the majority of Sweden doesn't like the article by Boström in Aftonbladet.

Freedom of the press in Sweden?

Exambassadör sågar svensk pressfrihet - Sverige - Sydsvenskan - Nyheter dygnet runt: "Hur tidningarna - med 'de fyra stora' menas troligen Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet och Expressen - skulle vara knutna till socialdemokratin eller fackföreningsrörelsen förklarar inte Zvi Mazel i artikeln. Landsorganisationen, LO, var tidigare storägare i Aftonbladet och äger numera nio procent av tidningen. Resten ägs av den norska mediekoncernen Schibsted, som även äger Svenska Dagbladet. DN och Expressen ägs av Bonnierkoncernen (som även äger Sydsvenskan)."

It seems to me that the question now is if there is a power system that can infringe on the owner's prerogative on the employees? Does Social Democrats have means to influence people despite the fact that their salary comes from elsewhere?

In my experience there are at least two ways of doing this. I have had my own money, which would make me in theory an employee of whichever newspaper, but people tries to influence me via charades and imagery on the Internet as well as with TTDE. What I have called Human Destruction Inc. have a lot of supposed dirt on me that they try to use. However, in my case it does not work because it is untrue but I can imagine that such a technique can be very successful on guilty people.

TTDE works on me however. The other night I was not allowed to sleep and for at least an hour I was made nauseous. I was also given a pressure headache. Many people would think twice before they ignore such steering attempts.

The question is now up for further debate. Or is Zvi Mazel right on the short duration of debate issue as well?

"Olaga hot" och integrity breeching TTDE are criminal methods. Are we living in a Criminocracy?


There is no free press in Sweden?

When I wrote my last post on the organ-snatching article in Aftonbladet, I cited an article heading in The Jerusalem Post that said that Sweden used the free press argument as an excuse.

Today they have a video clip where they interview Zvi Mazel, a former ambassador to Sweden 2002 to 2004, who claims that the freedom of the press in Sweden is an overrated feature since 80% of the press is syndicated to the Social Democratic party, which is known to be pro-Palestinian. Mona Sahlin, their party leader, recently visited the Palestinian Congress and gave a speech.

Zvi Mazel published an article that discusses the problem of anti-Israelism and anti-semitism in Sweden. The article brings among other things up Aftonbladet and Helle Klein of whom he writes: It's editor in chief, Helle Klein, is a descendant of a well known rabbi but she can find nothing good in Israel and her paper attacks us regularly.

Reinfeldt's Sommartal

Johannes Forssberg: Tänk större, Reinfeldt - Ledare - Expressen.se: "Himlen är grå och matchar den inte särskilt ungdomliga publiken. Fredrik Reinfeldt raljerar över Mona Sahlins politiska prioriteringar, som ju skiftar som vädret i april. Reinfeldt ställer sina bergfasta övertygelser i kontrast till Sahlins politiska yvighet. 'Jag kan berätta för er vad jag tycker är viktigt' säger han.
'Fler ska få jobb, och vi ska föra en ansvarsfull ekonomisk politik'. 'Det gick fort' säger han med ett stolt leende"

This phrase sums up the eight minutes long video that Nya Moderaterna released of the Sommartal yesterday on their web site. Johannes Forssberg continues by slamming the speech for lack of creativity. Forssberg demands a vision for Sweden. Is this fair?

I don't think so! We found ourselves in the worst crisis of recent memory and it has been crisis thinking. More of the same is needed since the unemployment is going to continue increasing despite positive signs on growth says at least people like Paul Krugman.

The other thing is that the economy of Sweden is about 4% of EUs GDP and then there are other continents. We are like a house in the wind where you open and close the windows as the wind comes from different directions to avoid too much draft. Reinfeldt could try to peg his economy to other larger units but Sweden is not even part of the Euro circle. There seems to be a discussion out there currently of whether or not its good to localize oneself rather than federalize oneself. The scent I have picked up in this debate is that of localization. So much for that vision.

Perhaps this is a modern form of the Swedish neutrality policy. The Economy has become the modern warfare? Stay out of the natural gas. Talk to France they are on nuclear. 75% of their electricity comes from nuclear energy. Perhaps not, Reinfeldt and Sarkozy did not seem too friendly.

I think my opinion is that the Swedes would make a large mistake not electing the Alliance for a second term. Reinfeldt is standing firm at the rudder. What more can you ask for in a crisis. Having former communists in the government by the way is scary. Talking of visions might therefore even be interpreted as too adventurous. In any case it would have been nice with the full length speech on the web site. Perhaps another time.


Preserve the Union

Fiscal Conservatism and the Soul of the GOP: An Interview with Rick Perry - WSJ.com: "As opposed to a federal and 'vanilla . . . one size fits all' government, the governor's 'goal is to have states compete against each other. I don't want to look like Connecticut, no offense, I don't want to look like Oklahoma, I don't want to look like California. I want to be uniquely Texas. And that's not to diss anybody else.'"

Texas governor Rick Perry, an old fighter pilot, make me return to the Lincoln's Bible that President Obama used for his presidential oath again. I don't understand what he is trying to do. He wants to compete with Montana? I thought America as a nation wanted to compete against EU and China. If the EU and the US splits up in smaller units, China will come to dominate the scene completely (if they don't split up too).

However, I find myself at a point where this dichotomy has to be settled somehow. Perry says "It's important to run the state. Politics will take care of themselves." I'm thinking of the difference between Reinfeldt and Sahlin today in the 8 minutes available of Reinfeldt's Sommartal. Sahlin has said she likes politics and Reinfeldt said what his sole priority was, the jobs.

One thing seems clear, if this is the soul of the GOP, that Obama better use his supermajority in Congress and not try to get something bipartisan together.

I Learned Something new about Sex

Essay - Where’s the Rulebook for Sex Verification? - NYTimes.com: "To be fair, the biology of sex is a lot more complicated than the average fan believes. Many think you can simply look at a person’s “sex chromosomes.” If the person has XY chromosomes, you declare him a man. If XX, she’s a woman. Right? Wrong. A little biology: On the Y chromosome, a gene called SRY usually makes a fetus grow as a male. It turns out, though, that SRY can show up on an X, turning an XX fetus essentially male. And if the SRY gene does not work on the Y, the fetus develops essentially female."

I still think they could have been a little more discrete and performed a sex verification a little more quitely. The problem is that according to this article it might not be possible to say anything conclusively about the sex of Caster Semenya, which makes prescreening of all athletes non-interesting. This again speak for a little more discretion.

Organ trade Scandal Between Israel and Sweden

Organ harvest claims disputed by Israel - Washington Times: "In Stockholm, the Swedish Foreign Ministry distanced itself from that statement. 'We obviously don't think it is great to comment on what is written in the media,' ministry spokesman Anders Jorle told the Associated Press."

Media has apparently taken command over Sweden. When the main porte parole of the Opposition peddles garbage our government can't apparently denounce it even when it makes headlines around the world and insults the Israelis. Washington Times calls the article blatantly racist. Swedes have become racist!

I agree with the head line of the article in The Jerusalem Post: "Sweden using 'free speech' as excuse".

I wonder if the tense relation between the EU and Israel is playing a role in this debacle. Perhaps the EU is using this as a pin prick against the Israelis for not leaving the settlements. I simply don't understand why our government can't speak up against their Opposition.

Largest threat for Alliansen is the bad performance on healthcare and eldercare by KD?

M bäst på ekonomi, S på sysselsättning - DN.se: "Moderaterna har bäst idéer för Sveriges ekonomi, men Socialdemokraterna är bäst på sysselsättning"

Thanks to Dick Erixon's blog i found this interesting article at DN.se. I find it interesting to note that Kristdemokraterna have not scored well on health care and eldercare. The Social Democrats have on the other hand. This might be the reason for the decreasing voter support in polls seen for KD? Even if Alliansen have most of the issues on their ball court the threat of KD not reaching the 4% level of support might be the Achilles heel of the 2010 election.

The Mystique of Obamacare

I realized today while listening on the Weekly Address of President Obama that the readout from his note is that the equation does not add up.

He says initially that costs are skyrocketing and have to be controlled. Costs increase at three times the rate as wages. Later he says we are going to make these changes that all sound like they are going to cost money, i.e., prevent a cap on costs for care and insure more people.

The economical man of the US balk at these statements. They don't add up.

The European punch line here is that we provide the care at half prize. Without reform.

The Debate on Climate

”Så blir du säker i den osäkra klimatdebatten” - DN.se: "De vetenskapliga frågorna om hur klimatet påverkas av koldioxidutsläpp kan för tillfället inte avgöras med säkerhet. Den diskussion vi kan föra handlar om hur vi praktiskt ska hantera situationen trots frånvaron av säker kunskap"

Sweden with its energy supply satisfied by hydroelectric and nuclear power is in a position to risk moralizing countries that have to rely on environmentally more dirty energy sources. We should refrain from such a mistake. An other down side of the climate debate is the attempts trying to moralize on the cause of our present situation.

What is more important is to act on the notion that it a priori is bad to pollute Earth irrespective of who is to blame for global warming, Man or Nature. However, returning to the neolithical caves is not an option. We will find solutions to our present problems.


Afghanistan at a glimpse

The Weekly Standard summarized the status in Afghanistan in the following way:

"For months, we have been hearing of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan. Insurgent attacks are up. Coalition causalities are increasing. Poppy crops are flourishing. The Taliban is expanding its presence. Parts of the country are ungovernable. And where there is government, it is corrupt. The public perception created by such reports is that Afghanistan is a disaster. The problem is that it is not a disaster. It is much, much worse."

The Economist have the opinions from Americans in a recent poll from 16-18 August 2009.

Would you say that the US is winning the war in Afghanistan? Yes, 18%; No, 42%; Not sure 40%

Do you favor increasing the number of troops? Yes 32%; No 41%; Not sure 27%

What do you think will eventially happen? Win the war 35%; Withdraw without winning 65%

Do you think the US made a mistake sending troops to fight in Afghanistan? Yes 31%; No 49%; Not sure 20%

I find that my own judgement of the situation in Afghanistan is like the majority of this poll.

The Organtransplant Conflict between Sweden and Israel

Donald Boström om hur palestinier anklagar Israels armé för att stjäla kroppsdelar från sina offer. Kultur Aftonbladet: "Jag var i området och arbetade med en bok när jag ett antal gånger blev kontaktad av FN-anställda som var oroade över utvecklingen. De som kontaktade mig menade att organstöld faktiskt ägde rum, men att de var förhindrade att agera. På uppdrag av ett tv-bolag reste jag därefter runt och talade med ett stort antal palestinska familjer på Västbanken och Gaza som menade att deras söner blivit bestulna på organ innan de dödades."

Yes, Donald Boström, a freelance journalist, writes that he talked to Palestinian families that claim that their sons had been abducted alive, their organs stolen, and then killed. this is of course what happens if you talk to people where 50% think it is OK to suicide bomb Israel, as the Palestinians do. It demonstrates that there is a war going on between Israel and Palestine. If people like Palestinians they want to investigate this further and if you are for the Israelis you think the story is ludicrous. I'm for Israel. Interestingly, the US and the EU are placed in between Israel and Palestine and this creates a situation where an article of this sort becomes highly volatile.

There has been a lot written on this the last couple of days and Carl Bildt wrote on his blog what I also think. You can write an article in this country of this nature due to the freedom of speech and we don't accept that Israel tells the Swedish state to stop this kind of journalism. However, I myself also sympathize with the Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Elisabeth Borsiin Bonnier, who condemned the article. I think it is bad taste to write such proposals in the way that the article is written. A belittling and sensationalistic style. It is perfectly OK for UD to express that they don't like the article even if they don't close down Aftonbladet.


Kennedy's Dream of the Two Pillars

On July 4, 1962 John F Kennedy declared that he saw a United States of America cooperating in the future with a United Europe.

Kissinger is discussing the future stability of this world in his book Diplomacy from 1994 by claiming that France nowadays in principle only have one option, to turn to the US. One can add to that that the historical option of turning to Russia is blocked by Germany which form an ever tightening union with this country, especially via the energy politics.

Before Kennedy, Wilson had tried to "liberate to Old World from its follies and to raise its sights beyond the nation state". It did not work.

I'm thinking of this because PJ Anders Linder the other day wrote in an editorial on SVD.se that "Europe lies beyond the EU". I don't know of course, but I tend to interpret this statement in the direction that the nation states are in again. I hope this is wrong, for everyone.

Legitimacy of the Government at stake

Anne Applebaum - In Afghanistan, Real Test Comes After the Election - washingtonpost.com: "And if, for any reason, a legitimate president does not emerge? Then the tangled webs will once again unfurl themselves, the clans and the tribes and the paid mercenaries will start choosing sides, the people who blow up polling stations will have gained credibility -- and we will have to think hard about whether to stay in Afghanistan at all."

Since I started to follow the Afghanistan war, I have not seen much in the way of positive news from Afghanistan. Anne Applebaum set in her article up a conditional approach where she means that either the new president gets legitimacy by the election or chances are out for success in the campaign. This article is a must read!

Harassment or rape by use of TTDE?

Oförsvarligt av Hillegren Brännpunkt SvD: "”En dag gör kvinnan polisanmälan och påstår att en viss kväll upplyste hon sin man om att hon inte ville ha samlag, vilket inte respekterades av mannen. Trots det genomförde han samlaget, varvid hon förhöll sig passiv.”"

Between 1998 and 2000 I was raped or harassed every day for two years by unknown person via TTDE. I realized when I read about the Hillegren case that a sexual assault with the technology on a person could be considered as rape rather than sexual harassment. I did report the infraction to the police but this did not help.

The psychological trauma is in this case much greater than the physical which is equal to the Hillgren scenario. It was by far the worst two years of my life.

Was I legally raped every day for two years?


The Core Family?

There is one problem with liberalism in an information rich environment. If you have a societal construction of a system of people with a leader and a system commando formation where all information available in the system is gathered and is available to the people. There will also be authoritative people on most subjects around for counsel.

What happens is that the average family with its average parents will not be authoritative in their own core family. The system commando will. The children will lose faith in their parents and will start to treat them as servants. The core family will break up. What the children gain is information but what they will lose are their parent relations. Potentially also their sibling relations. Order in school decreases as the teacher has problems staying authoritative. A child with a coach can beat the teacher in class.

First, I would like to argue that Wikipedia and blogs are combating this scenario. They are evening the score for people not organized as above in environments with dense broad band availability.

Second, is the core family worth fighting for or should society build on different relations instead? Does such relations exist even in theory? Relations to mentors. In the not so distant future to a computer.

Third, there seems to be a market for information about individuals that systems buy and then use to moralize a person. This kind of practice destroys all relations and leave the individual with a relation to the people having this information. I have called them Human Destruction Inc. In my experience there is a lot of false information on this market.

Fourth, where does these systems fit in politically in Sweden. Depending on the tolerance to free will in each system it is probable to find them on both sides of the middle. You probably find the law of Jante mostly working the edges of the spectrum with most freedom in the middle. If anything has disappeared among socialism and liberalism it is the former. Entrepreneurism is legio today. We see this clearly on the dwindling numbers of socialists in Sweden and in Germany currently. Unfortunately some of these defectors go to the left for obscure reasons.


Le Marais Mental

"Le Marais Mental" translates to the mental swamp. I wrote something in French once and had a blog for a while that I called "Le Marais Mental". It was a reflexion about my situation since April 15, 2000 when the mental swamp started up in my head.

One thought that came to mind was that World War III had started. A war that was fought in a clandestine way all around the world but most importantly here in our civilized society.

I got proof that more people than myself was subjected to the mental swamp when I had to live in a sort of half way house for a while. By the way I was shocked when I found out that the cost for me was 1,100SEK per day. I could have lived less expensively at a hotel. One of the employees once made a remark that the people here were "Barnen i Bullerbyn" or the children in the noisy village after Astrid Lindgren's famous children's book. Perhaps all children of abusive parents that kept them in this mental swamp, a noisy place. Doomed without even a trial.

And as Jan Guillou said on his Sommar program, when he was imprisoned for something he wrote, and this was in Sweden, not in a dictatorship.

Since I started out on Blogger two and a half year ago, I have realized that this war might be fought also on the Internet. People can gang up on you and have opinions and many wants to ask questions. I guess it is something you have to endure. It is the same thing that happens to luminaries in society, I guess. What I found out, however, was that there might be links from the Internet to the mental swamp. A down side of the Internet is then steering of people by psychological warfare potentiated by TTDE.

Hazard games in the oil business.

Brazil Takes More Control of Oil Fields, With Long-Term Risks - NYTimes.com: "“What if we have a technological breakthrough in renewable energy, and five to eight years from now the price of oil is not what it is today?” Mr. Garman said. “Is Brazil going to maximize investments now or keep the oil in the ground for longer?”"

I ventured the other day on the notion that Brazil wanted to play its own game and this article supports that. Apparently they have found oil in the deep sea outside Rio de Janeiro that would give Brazil a fortune. It will be very expensive to develop. $600B over the next 20 years.

I selected this citation, however, because apparently there is so much going on on the development of renewable sources of energy that they have to factor this in their plans. A positive note in my humble opinion.

Who wants the two-state solution?

BBC NEWS Middle East US pressure on Arab states grows: "The US administration is reportedly also upset with Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, for failing to give the Palestinian Authority adequate financial support, disbursing almost none of the money they pledged at donor conferences over the last two years."

It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia is not footing the bill of the Palestinian Authority. Does this mean that it is only the US and the EU that want them to have their state?

To Speak is Silver, Silence is Gold?

Are decision makers getting confused because there is no longer any political theories? Charlie Weimers wonders this in his blog. He refers to Johan Wennström's article on SvD.se called "Ideologiernas död är välkommen" or The Death of the Ideologies is Welcome.

I do not agree and I rather think the reason for the silence is that no one dares to speak up any longer. Some say the individuals have disappeared or rather become relatively few and secretive. A crisis for the integrity of Man.

Visions or other political expressions are important for people to strive at reaching a better world. The Kingdom of Heaven used to be such a place but it has been replaced with the Welfare State.

What to do next? I see a continuation of Liberalism in that people's choices are going to be easier and better made in our information rich society. The Pursuit of Happiness is going to be more effective. The quality of life will have to improve. This will create new knowledge centers that will challenge the secretive rules. The secretive rulers might fight back, though, by filtering the Internet like a petty dictator.

When it comes to foreign policy, however, ideology is in the doldrums.

Is the larger assessments of natural gas reserves in the US going to affect the Copenhagen discussions?

The economics of natural gas: Drowning in it The Economist: "The big news is that in June the Potential Gas Committee, a semi-official body, revised its estimates of America’s gas reserves, raising them 39% above its assessment in 2006. The biggest part of that boost comes from higher estimates of gas in shale formations, which were formerly difficult and expensive to reach. Advances in horizontal drilling and the hydraulic fracturing of rock have made it possible to get previously inaccessible gas out. Shale gas, according to the committee, accounts for two-thirds of America’s technically recoverable reserves, enough to supply the country for 90 years"

According to Wikipedia shale gas could amount to half the production of natural gas in North America by 2020 and potentially affect pricing of Russian natural gas in Europe. Some greens, however, think that shale gas could slow down the development of renewable sources of energy.

Unconventional gas production is expected to rise from 42% in 2007 to 64% in 2020.

The coal fired plants are however less expensive to operate. There is a third more gas-fired plants but they are only switched on at high demand. Canada remains the largest source for imported gas and supplies 86% of all imported liquefied natural gas. According to the CIA World Factbook the US produces 546 billion cubic meters of natural gas and it consumes 653 bcm so its import is about 130 bcm.

It is the Waxman-Markey bill that will make gas the preferred energy source over coal. My conclusion is that the low price for coal derived energy is going to hamper the switch to renewables.


The basis for selection in school to the university?

There is a revealing article today på DN.se which was also discussed with the School Minister Jan Björklund present in Studio 1, on radio P1.

There are things I don't know about this game because Björklund suggested the remedy that they should test school habits in grading student against double checked national tests and then send in the police, i.e., Skolinspektionen.

Why not let the schools grade however they please and instead, like in the US where they have all kinds of schools, use the SAT score for selection into the university? No policing and the university get the students that are most prepared and able.

There is a Högskoleprov in Sweden. How does this relate to the SAT? It only is an additional mean of entering university. Used as a second chance. It must be better to use a yearly national test than using grades. Then schools can compete and we will see evolving good schools which produce kids that do well in university.

Ahmadi-nejad appoints two women ministers to his cabinet

Clerics’ Call for Ouster Challenges Iranian Leader - NYTimes.com: "As the trial continued Sunday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced his first six proposed cabinet appointments on state television, including two women and a new intelligence minister who is a loyalist with limited experience in security issues. All of the proposed ministers require approval by Parliament."

I wonder if Ahmadi-nejad has concluded that part of the problem he had with the election was the discontent of women in Iran? Could it be that President Obama's engagement policy have actually worked?


Johan Ingerö

Johan Ingerö: "Istället började partiledningen yra om samarbete med Miljöpartiet samtidigt som den missade det sakpolitiska initiativet."

It is about Folkpartiet. What is this? Is Alliansen breaking up?

Nikab or not?

A while ago in France they refused citizenship to a woman waring the nikab, not because of religion, but because her subservitude to her husband, she wore it for her husband, did not make her eligible for citizenship. This demonstrates the complicated issues that arises when considering the whereabouts of women in the nikab.

There was today again on the news about a girl in nikab that wants to have a nikab on when working with small children. If I have understood it correctly, a muslim woman doesn't wear the nikab when at home with her children. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that it would not be correct for a woman to wear the nikab when taking care of other people's children. The facial reactions are of course crucial in the upbringing of children.

Otherwise, I don't have problem with women that wear the nikab. It is their choice. I don't think it is particularly advantageous for them but I believe it is up to them.

Are Sanctions Against Myanmar Good or Bad?

Senator Jim Webb secures release of John Yettaw from Burma - Times Online: "“The sanctions of the past several years have increased Myanmar’s isolation from Western governments and culture. These are major impediments in allowing the Burmese people the kind of access to the outside world that is essential to their economic and political growth,” the senator said.
“And yet at the same time these sanctions have allowed China to dramatically increase its economic and political influence in Myanmar, creating an imbalance that affects the long-term national goals of many other countries. This is not healthy for the region.”"

Senator Jim Webb secures the release of the lake-swimmer that caused Ms Suu Kyi a lot of trouble. He also suggests that the sanctions against Myanmar could be counter productive for the above reasons. I he right or is he wrong?

It is a very important issue how to relate to the "bad guys" in the world. We have the same problem with Iran for example. I have earlier suggested, and gotten implicit critique for it, that we should end the sanctions against Tehran. Keeping up business contacts when the political relations fail is a way of maintaining a presence and thereby influence. It also creates a more positive view of the West.

Should we be ideological or realistic? Perhaps some form of realistic ideology would work best. It is important to keep preaching our values and demonstrate how our societies work at the same time as we don't impose ourselves too much on these countries. It is easy to treat a country as you would a criminal but this is not correct. It is not possible to compare countries and individuals in this fashion. You have to relate to the average citizen not to the regime, if possible.


USA and Germany evolving differently?

Media Analyst on German Election Race: 'Merkel Is Planning a Campaign with Nationalistic Undertones' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International: "This is definitely a problem. Her strategy is to avoid trying to polarize people. Instead, she is presenting herself as a leader who has the interests of the nation at heart and who focuses on concrete issues. It's no coincidence that her nickname within her party is 'Mom.'"

Well, Angela Merkel has a strategy that sounds similar to Obama's non-partisan ideas but she seems more successful in bring non-polarity about. However, the question is how tough that party whip is? The Media Analyst also informs:

"...the CDU no longer has anyone capable of acting like an attack dog. They have either been kicked out or emasculated."

It seems like Merkel's tactic is an extreme reliance of listening to the silent voice of the people and to strongly avoid the use of opinionating.

In a way this is the difference between direct and representative democracy? America seems to be polarized on most issues not involving national security when they rally behind their president like after 9/11 and the financial crisis. There are also strong voices all the time that form opinions.

It brings to mind Mona Sahlin's speech today where she defines "jämställdhet", equality between man and woman, as an election issue 2010. She claims apparently that Socialdemokraterna is a feministic party.

By the way, it is awfully silent about the German election. Discrete people, the Germans.

The American Presidency II?

"I was against Obama before it was cool" is apparently a bumper sticker these days. When Obama was elected I thought that it will not be long before they start yelling at him as they yelled at George W. Bush.

I myself was hesitant to Obama in the beginning but I have begun to like him. It was hard to understand what his policy was in the beginning but now when he has started out it is looking good. The world is cooling down and you need a cool policy.

In today's White House address he make a good case for the health insurance reform. He repeatedly stress the important issue of reforming health insurance so that people don't loose cover when they need it the most. That people don't get turned down when the have previous conditions. That costs have to be controlled.

He also points out that Republican critics never mentions the problem of skyrocketing costs something I have diagnosed myself. The discussion if the health care they have is worth twice the cost would probably be interesting to listen to.


Whose side is Brazil on?

Latin America's new alliances: Whose side is Brazil on? The Economist: "It seems that no international gathering, be it to discuss financial reform or climate change, is complete without Lula, a former metal worker and trade-union leader whose bonhomie and instinct for conciliation between political opposites make him friends everywhere. “He’s my man,” gushed Barack Obama at the G20 summit in London; Fidel Castro calls him “our brother Lula”."

Where does Brazil belong? It is perhaps keeping its options open. Goldman Sachs grouped it once among China, India and Russia in the BRIC countris that would dominate the world around 2050. Interestingly, the composition of the US would be more like that of Brazil at this time. Brazil has 54% white, which is mostly latinos, 39% mulattos and 6% black. Perhaps it is politically incorrect to discuss the matter in such a way but I think it is useful to a certain extent. It is also a democracy even if its affinity apparently is increasing towards China at the expense of its friendship to USA. Not getting into nuclear weapons he is in reality perhaps mostly Obama's man after all.

Then the question is if it has to belong. It is built from Africa and Europe and native Indians. Apparently, Lula and his leadership sees themselves as a leader in the south. The leader of South America. Like if Turkey instead of becoming an EU member should take care of the Arab nations in the Middle East. Lula da Silva is also a good friend of Hugo Chavez. The 200m Brazilians now dominate South America with a GDP per capita of $10,000.

Well, it will become evident if a "cold war" scenario is building in Latin America as in the Middle East.

Is Health Care a Right?

John David Lewis: Health Care, Why Call it a 'Right'?: "These two concepts of rights -- rights as the right to liberty, versus rights as the rights to things -- cannot coexist in the same respect at the same time. If I claim that my right to life means my right to medicine, then I am demanding the right to force others to produce the values that I need. This ends up being a negation of personal sovereignty, and of individual rights."

This definition of liberty, not being able to provide for the health of others, thus generating a right, is interesting, because it goes against the biology of giving which is liberating. Doing good deeds stimulates the pleasure center in the brain. Thus it is liberating.

Providing for health care, i.e., morally declaring it a right is enhancing liberty. It does not limit it.

The Wild West is back?

Op-Ed Columnist - Gunning for Health Care - NYTimes.com: "“The question is, why don’t people bear arms these days,” said William Kostric, when asked why he came to welcome President Obama to Portsmouth, N.H., on Tuesday with a protest sign and a loaded handgun strapped to his thigh. This turned out to be completely legal under New Hampshire law"

They started to talk about the Wild East a while ago about Russia but I wonder if the Americans are not reclaiming their epithet of the Wild West lately. The very American political meetings in so called Town Halls have recently experienced severe turmoil. Speakers often have to leave assisted by the police after having been shouted down.

In New Hampshire the state motto is "Live Free or Die" and the comment above seems to say that we are living in turbulent times. It is interesting to think about how a person with a gun strapped to his thigh would appear here in Sweden? We see them on police but not on private citizens.

Gail Collins recognizes that the US is divided on the issue of carrying weapons. You apparently need to have a licence in New Hampshire if you want to carry your weapon concealed. Dangerous Nation indeed! She brings up the question if it is a good idea to carry weapons at Town Hall meetings where the emotions run high. I don't think so! They used to hang up their weapons before entering the church, for example.

William Kostric above is probably not a particularly representative American though. It doesn't take that many individuals to make Town Halls look like brawl all across the US. Today there is an article on SvD.se where a complaint is forwarded against President Obama. They say he is just full of words. I wonder why they don't say instead that he has accomplished a lot during his first six months. It would be more true to the point. The critique I have seen lately is rather because there has been too much change for the American people. They will probably be ready for more after the August recess.

Dagens Citat

Sverigedemokraterna - www.sverigedemokraterna.se: "Brottsligheten är hög, antalet missbrukare bli större och sjukskrivningarna är snart flest i världen. Sverige är ett sjukt samhälle, därför att medborgarna inte trivs. Bara en nationalistisk politik kan ge den trygghet och den omtanke som minskar kriminaliteten, får bort drogerna och ger de sjuka livslusten åter"
The question is what this party would do as a leading government party. Send all non-aryan people back (not home)? Apparently Sweden is a sick society due to immigrants.

Well, Europe is polarizing with Turkish, Arabic and Persian immigration. It is to be expected that SD is going to grow more in Sweden. My conclusion is that we have to get used to this and learn to coexist. I believe in multiculturalism. The question is if we are going to learn anything from the US where they have a black President and a latina Supreme Court Justice. Turks are faring very badly in Germany, for example. There are many third generation Turks that are not citizens yet. Anti-semitism is back in most European countries as well.

So what can be done to prevent further sympathies for SD? A good advise is probably for immigrants to integrate as much as possible. Acceptance for non-identical race immigrants comes one outstanding person at the time, like with Obama and Sotomayor. It is a slow process. I was an immigrant in the US myself once. Assimilation of values is perhaps most important. However, it is also important to recognize that a country and its values change with immigration. Hopefully in the end we reach homogeneity to a greater extent in Europe even if the cultural mix is quite extraordinary.


Sonia Sotomayor

Census Projections: U.S. Will Be Half Minority By 2042: "Some amazing projections were released by the U.S. Census Bureau this morning: by the year 2042, more than half of America's population will be made up of minority groups. ... Minority children, meanwhile, will hit 50 percent of the youth population by 2023."

The Hispanics are spearheading this population dynamic, they will triple between 2008 to 2050, and it is therefore highly appropriate for President Obama to nominate Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice. It is unifying the US more at the same time as it is causing a divide, at least according to some columns.

From our standpoint here in Sweden it is interesting to see how quickly race has become an issue and how it seems to play out in the US which have larger minorities than we have. Apparently there is quite an affinity among people of the same race. As Maureen Dowd points out today in The New York Times, post-racial did not quite work for Obama. However, people have racial affinities but they can coexist as well.

Nuclear Power?

The Economist has an article where they discuss what is going to happen with the availability of electricity. As you can see in the figure demand is going to outpace availability if new plants are not built. In Sweden the availability differs. A lot of free hydroelectric and nuclear, about fifty/fifty. But the plants are getting old here too.
As the English, we also have to build new plants and I believe that we have to build more nuclear plants. Otherwise we have to sign up for Russian gas which is less secure and dirtier environmentally. What will England do? Build coal plants or drastically expand their nuclear or simply buy more gas?
A neighbor told me about a new fuel source for nuclear plants, Thorium, the other year. I saw an article in Washington Post the other day that explained that it can be used in the plants they have now for Uranium but that it is not useful for making bombs. I learned, however, that the enthusiasm for nuclear in the US is lukewarm at best. I have a feeling it is the same in Sweden. I agree with Jan Björklund that nuclear is the only realistically available environmental source. For some reason there is very little talk about these terawatt windmill parks so far and buying solar energy from Sahara might not work so well either. And we have Uranium in the ground here in Sweden.


I'm against euthanasia. The main reason is that I believe that people want life and if they end up with problems of pain there is help for this. This sounds like being against free choice but really isn't. Most non-depressed people want to live when push comes to showe if pain can be removed and if they are not made feeling in the way of others.

In the US the debate of "pulling the plug on grandma" has evolved quickly now during the health insurance debate. Health care in the US takes 16% of GDP now and might take 22% in 2020 compared to 10% in Sweden. They call this skyrocketing health care costs. The republicans then brought up the euthanasia debate as scaring tactics, strangely enough, since Obama says he will prevent the very skyrocketing in question.

The debate should be vigorous in Europe also with its aging population and disappearing tax base. Will the "ättestupa" return, i.e., the ancient group pressure to terminate one's life by jumping a cliff as old and demanding on their peers. Old people are precious and should be taken well care off. They have worked all life for others. It is also possible to help people with for example stroke patients these days with mental stimulation in many cases.

Personally, I would like to demand from the leaders of Sweden to disclose who they are in society that can take people's lives clandestinely by simulating well known and prevalent disease states. The perfect crime! It is time to talk about this!

I would like to pose a couple of questions about the school of today?

There is today an article i Sydsvenska Dagbladet about the existence of companies that work against harassment in school. Apparently they are currently scrutinized scientifically.

I order to prove that I could get up in the morning and go to work during my stay in Bergsjön, while on welfare, I took the trolley down town and did some food shopping every day. I then learned about how people harass each other on the streets and in the trolleys over the years. I would call this an extensive investigation.

I mention this because I have heard that harassment of students and problems for theachers with order questions during class has increased lately. As the article propose there might be reasons to question the activity of countering such tendencies and ask the question whether or not the school itself should not be able to handle this problem.

In my investigation I concluded that many people try to wrestle mental control from you by attacking you verbally in many ways. This is particularly prevalent in grocery stores and on the trolleys. The reason for this, I have concluded, is that people participate in so called "schools". I have a feeling that such "schools" might be the reason for the increased observed with harassment in the regular school.

An important question to ask these companies is if they themselves are involved in the clandestine "schools".

Another question I have wondered about since 1998 when I learned about these new clandestine ways, is how you counter cheating during exams and during class with students aided by coaches in their ears. This must have been a great problem during the last 30 years or so?


Ms Suu Kyi is a symbol of the struggle against oppression around the world

Ms Suu Kyi did not have to suffer from three years of hard labor. The Junta, in a gesture that I guess they want recognition for, just sent her back to her house arrest. In 1990 her party The National League for Democracy won the election but she was taken away by the military and has since spent 14 of 19 years in house arrest.

It is an important moment to send a thought to all the people around the world that suffer from oppression. Due to my experience I feel that we often act like this is only a problem in other countries but there are problems in Sweden as well. I long for the day that these problems get the recognition they deserve. It is easy to complain on others while the local situation is forgotten.

It is frustrating that there is so little to be done for political prisoners. One can give them exposure and the "geoliers" countries can be slammed with sanctions. However, due to the polarity of the world these seldom have serious effects. China is for example taking care of Myanmar. The resistance demonstrated by Ms Suu Kyi is of outstanding importance as a symbol of Western values in autocratic environments.


Is Sweden Ready for This?

Military Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Effort in Afghanistan - washingtonpost.com: "As the Obama administration expands U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, military experts are warning that the United States is taking on security and political commitments that will last at least a decade and a cost that will probably eclipse that of the Iraq war."

Is Obama's world going the same way as Bush's? On top of this Hillary Clinton now used harsh words against the regime in Iran:

"They need to think again, because they will render their position less secure, they will trigger an arms race in the region, and they will certainly put greater pressure on the United States to extend a defense umbrella in order to hem in and contain them".

I was convinced that a new era had begun with Obama and the financial crisis that made a war against terror less prevalent. I still do, but the press these days really sound like the entire domain from Pakistan to Iraq is going to be set aflame. My question is why?

The Afghans probably don't want NATO in their country and arguing that we are there for our security is perhaps not that straight forward. After all there are many other places on Earth where terrorists hide and train, especially after the last 8 years in Afghanistan.

Furthermore the community organiser with astronomical budget deficits would argue that money would be better spent on the slums in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angels and perhaps on better health care.

Nation building is difficult, some say impossible in Iraq. I would argue that it is destined to fail in Afghanistan which is an even more difficult and back ward area.

What is this? Is the press trying to start World War III? And while the West is starting WWIII, China is minding their own business and making progress.


What are the long term political goals of England, France and Germany?

Kissinger says in his book Diplomacy from 1994:

"For one of the most difficult lessons America has yet to learn is that nations cooperate for long periods only when they share common political goals, and that American policy must focus on these goals rather than on the mechanisms used to reach them."

If it is, like many think today, that the long term and common political goal in Europe are not further integration and solidification of EU at the current borders, but rather that the individual nations should mostly mind their own business, what are then the political goals of England, France and Germany? No one talks about this but they are negative about the EU.

A joker in this deck of cards is that there has been a suggestion that the Obama administration would be open for a Russia membership in NATO on a congressional hearing, something that Boris Yeltsin once argued for.

Does this mean that the US have given up on EU as a stabilizer and instead wants NATO to be the stabilizer of Europe including Russia? EUs success is of course extremely intimidating to Russia and this causes tensions. Russia has been talking about a new security pact for Europe themselves and it would perhaps be better if such a creation came from NATO than from Russia.


Schwartzenegger is cutting 20% of University of California's budget

California's universities in trouble: Before the fall The Economist: "“We are in irreversible decline,” says Sandra Faber, a professor of astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz who has inadvertently become a mouthpiece for a fed-up faculty. University excellence, she says, “took decades to build. It takes a year to destroy it.”"

I guess it is my background, but also what I'm currently doing, this story is scaring. University of California is a series of state universities where Berkley is third on the Shanghai list after Harvard and Stanford which are private. California is one of these states that need a two thirds majority to pass a budget and this year there has been great troubles to find that extra cash.

They must be in real trouble and this is the largest state in the US with 37m inhabitants.

Shift of newsreading and columns to the left?

Rupert Murdoch plans charge for all news websites by next summer Media The Guardian: "Rupert Murdoch plans charge for all news websites by next summer. Times and Sun readers to pay as loss-making Murdoch declares end to free-for-all".

There has been talk for a while that Murdoch will start charging and this will apparently happen around next summer. I currently only pay for The Economist but follow all newspapers of note on the web that are free as an experiment on what kind of image of the world I get from this endeavor. I have so far been working on the project since April 2008 and will continue about one more year to start with.

Financial Times is probably the best paper around but they restrict access and are a little to economical/business for my taste. By-the-way the own a 50% stake in The Economist.

It will be interesting to see which papers solve their economy as to the retainment of free-for-all. Will there be a political fight over readers?


mats sander moderata funderingar: "24 av FNs 192 stater tycker inte att misshandel av barn är ok, resten har en annan uppfattning."

This is indeed awful. I'm shocked over how few countries have a law against corporal punishment. Psychological punishment is probably equally problematic.

The DN.se article that Sander is referring to points out that since the law came in Sweden there has been a steep increase of people reporting corporal punishment. It seems logical that more people report when there is a law and let's hope it is not because more people beat their children.

Ahmadi-nejad's reinstallation

There is a discussion lately about how nations should have been present at this event. The Times has a very harsh complaint about the presence of a senior English diplomat. It is the same kind of vitriol as Birgitta Ohlsson and Jan Björklund delivers in the direction of the Islamic Republic.

I'm not sure it is wise to be that harsh. There is still a possibility that magic of the kind just seen in North Korea could materialize in Iran. They did release an American journalist lately. It must have been truly shocking for Khamenei and Ahmadi-nejad to go through the problems they had. They know that change is in the air and Mr. Change himself in Washington might get a bargain with them.

Unfortunately, Obama is losing prestige in Afghanistan lately as the bloodiest month so far in the eight year war just ended with 73 soldiers dead. The toll in civilians is up 50%. Ahmadi-nejad suggested that they should spend the money spent on war on the country instead. These cirumstances speak against a break-through for diplomacy. It is easily forgotten that Afghanistan is a neighboring country to Iran.

Mikael Wendt says that it is important to speak one's mind which I agree is important but I think Carl Bildt is right in that it is important with a conventionally established diplomatic relation for this to occur. I you would humiliate them they wouldn't listen. Germany sent junior diplomats. I believe Great Britain and Sweden did better with their ambassadors at the same time as they did not wish them well, which is honest, since the situation they face is non-optimal.


Is this finally to happen?

Liberalism in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Thomas Jefferson wrote:

'Were it left to me to have a government with no newspapers, or newspapers with no government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.'"

Is China finally acting behind the curtain--good for engagement with Iran?

In Release of Journalists, Both Clintons Had Key Roles - NYTimes.com: "Former President Bill Clinton left North Korea on Wednesday morning after a dramatic 20-hour visit, in which he won the freedom of two American journalists, opened a diplomatic channel to North Korea’s reclusive government and dined with the North’s ailing leader, Kim Jong-il."

This is surprising and extraordinary positive news. The diplomacy route to troublesome states might after all be working. An Iran humbled by its election debacle might in actuality now be more positive to engagement. In some creative fashion.


An anecdote

Read something astonishing in Kissinger's book Diplomacy from 1994. Kissinger apparently had gotten the question from de Gaulle in 1969: "Why don't you get out of Vietnam?"

Taken somewhat aback over the blunt question Kissinger answered: "a unilateral retreat would undermine American credibility" which did not impress de Gaulle.

de Gaulle then asked "where such a loss of credibility might occur?" Kissinger indicated the Middle East.

de Gaulle then looked melancolic and commented "How very odd, I thought it was precisely in the Middle East that your enemies where having the credibility problem".

History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes, as someone said?

The next day Kissinger and de Gaulle met again and Nixon asked Kissinger to comment on de Gaulle's vision of Europe: "Europe des patries", or a Europe built on nations.

Perhaps because of the pertinent comments by de Gaulle the day before Kissinger asked de Gaulle "how France proposed to keep Germany from dominating the Europe he had just described?"

de Gaulle answered: "Par la guerre" or through war. I really think EU is a good thing.

The New Nobility?

Le domaine d'Anais: "Men, konstaterar Le Monde, mer än två sekel efter jämlikhetens Stora Afton (Le Grand Soir) är det franska samhället, liksom under l'Ancien régime's sista tid, insnört, förstelnat och fragmenterat av en omfattande förekomst av privilegier, eller snarare 'fördelar tillerkända vissa kategorier av medborgare vid sidan av den lag som gäller allmänheten'."

It appears that it is leftish to talk negatively about the new nobility. It shouldn't. It is a problem for all and a threat to democracy.

Further Cell Divisions?

Fatah leader hints at party split Middle East Jerusalem Post: "As more than 2,000 delegates gathered in Bethlehem for the long-delayed Sixth Fatah Congress, the leader of Fatah in Bethlehem warned of a split in the party if the leadership denies a role to the younger generation who launched a wave of violence against Israel in the second intifada."

The article discusses the possibility of a third Intifada and they give another illustrative citation:

"We can't say that the old people are expired," he said. "We can't say this because we are still in need, you know, for their wisdom and their experience. However, we will like also to see the young people participate in this movement and have their role, their active role."

Mona Sahlin is apparently vising the congress held in Bethlehem. It would be interesting to read about her assessment.

Is Fascism Returning?

Den underbare landsförrädaren - Kultur - Göteborgs-Posten: "Nordisk litteratur låter sig inte historieskrivas utan att Knut Hamsuns litterära geni får en glansroll. Samtidigt består det skandalösa faktumet att han också var landsförrädare - i ett Norge där fosterländskheten närmast är ett nationellt patent. Hamsun var nazist. Han föraktade England och beundrande Hitler"

It seems from the above article that Göteborgs-Posten doesn't take a firm stance against fascism. Neutrality! They set, like the Norwegians, art in front of a clear political choice. In my experience fascism is clandestine nowadays and it is therefore important to know that it is contained. When people write articles that doesn't take a firm stance against fascism, it is worrisome.

I brought Hamsun up earlier from an article in The Jerusalem Post. However, it can be discussed, as does Van Reis, if art has precedence over morals. If you make up an example where a superb athlete in the interview after an achievement says that he likes violence to coerce people, most people would not like this person. Perhaps some people think violence is OK if you don't talk about it. I certainly don't. I think it is more cowardly to remain silent--"I know nothing".

In Sweden there is apparently a good memory of the atrocities performed by the right-wing fascists but not by the left-wing fascists. The social democracy apparently has a soft spot for the methods of Mother Russia. Being liberated from the Nazis in 1945 the Norwegians seemed healthy enough but now, not so many years later, they celebrate a talented nazi. For a person with my experience it is natural to ask if not the Swedes are in greater trouble even than the Norweigians. There was no occupation in Sweden by Nazi Germany. Some people wondered why?

The "Birther" Movement

Eugene Robinson - Obama, Clearly Born in the U.S.A. - washingtonpost.com: "The 'birthers' wouldn't be, either, unless you believe a poll released last week by Research 2000 revealing that an astounding 28 percent of Republicans actually think that Obama was not born in the United States and a separate 30 percent are 'not sure.' GOP officials need to order more tinfoil."

Apart from the health care debate, the absurd movement, the birthers, also seem to divide the US according to the poll cited. I remember a talk given by a Chinese descendant, it was the Democrat response to George W. Bush's State of the Union Address, where he claimed that it takes a 100 years for an immigrant family person to reach a point where he is allowed to give such a talk. Then came President Obama. No wonder there is a birther movement.

For those who by chance don't know this, it necessary to be born on American soil to be a president. Robinson asks whether or not this is an orchestrated campaign to legitimize Obama's presidency perhaps in the same way that the Jeremiah 'God Damn America' Wright story unfolded. And now the latest Obama-gates story that seemed to not want to disappear from the media despite a "Beer Summit". Not to forget the Sotomayor appointment.


Sommartal av Jan Björklund i Marstrand

Sommartal av Jan Björklund i Marstrand den 2 augusti 2009 - Folkpartiet: "Alla ungdomar vill inte bli akademiker. Alla ungdomar kan inte bli akademiker. Samhället fungerar inte om alla är akademiker. Varför är just de partier, som anser sig historiskt vara arbetarpartier, så negativa till yrkesutbildningar?"

I had heard this before on SVT and it is a good point. However, as I found out a while ago people in the OECD now define themselves as nations having so many people on the College level, i.e., three years of University in Sweden, as a measure of the potency of the society. I also learned that the percentage of people with this level education had increased lately. These people are not academics but still people with a serious education.

What I then do not understand is why the level of drop-outs from the Gymnasium have increased as well. This seems contradictory. Anyone that know how this works?

My Website has been harmonized?

China’s future will be hobbled by old age Rosemary Righter - Times Online: "The one-child policy has, in its own harsh terms, worked: reducing births by between 300 and 400 million. But it has induced a premature, and alarmingly rapid, ageing process. China has given itself a rich country’s problem before it has become rich: for all its economic performance, Chinese incomes are still nowhere near as high as those in Western societies at the point when they started to age."

China is in the quest for a harmonious society. However, with a sense of tragico-comics there is a joke, according to Wikipedia, that when your website is censored they say that it has been "harmonized".

David Brooks wrote a very intriguing column on the Harmony of China relative the Western individualistic trait. As a moderate conservative, he tentatively strikes the drum for the collectivism. This reminds me of the debate on liberalism and conservatism. As I see it, it is about where you put the emphasis. The Chinese joke explains the difference. The Chinese have problem with tolerance.

Which system is more powerful then? Richter points out that the Chinese might encounter stability problems before the Western society would. Networks of individuals that strive for change vs. people who sit and ponder their context with others. I believe the individuals are definitely going to be more inspiring and thus energize people more effectively. Becoming content vs. striving to be content.


The Lisbon Treaty effect?

”Majoritetsbeslut i EU behövs för demokratin” - DN.se: "För det andra leder enhällighetskravet till uppgörelser inom lyckta dörrar. Insynen uteblir och med den medborgarnas möjlighet att utkräva ansvar av undflyende makthavare (som i dagens EU)."

If this is correct, it is a very interesting argument for the Lisbon Treaty. Another thing Lewin says is also very intriguing. He claims the increased knowledge level of the population is the reason for the increased nationalism, if I understand him correctly. That is surprising to me, since I would have believed that increased knowledge would result in the appreciation of greater prosperity, greater security and relevance of the country in question via EU on the global arena.

In Sweden this can be inferred from an increase in the participation in the EU parliament elections. Is increased knowledge in the population really the reason for the recent eurosceptiscism? The interest in participation in the EU parliament elections have also levelled out. The average did not move significantly lower this time even if scepticists made a lot of noise about it.

Greater knowledge might even make people appreciate the competence of the elites in EU? Rather than create animosities. Greater knowledge often result in the acquisition of a second or third language that makes a person feel more European. It is also easier to understand that we need an EU elite that can deal with elites from China, India, Japan, and USA.


Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

"Liberalismen kan inte älskas av alla" - Aktuella frågor - Sydsvenskan - Nyheter dygnet runt: "Men vi skulle aldrig, till skillnad från konservativa, låta vår politik ta sin utgångspunkt från kyrkan, kapitalet eller kärnfamiljen. Individen är centrum."

I believe liberalism is the biological force that propels mankind in the for the time optimal direction.

All people, however, are not the driving force of man, many just tag along.

The Future?

If there is an Obama USA and a Cheney USA, there is also a more integrated EU and a less integrated EU. The future then holds four possible scenarios in principle. A Cheney USA with a less integrated EU and a more integrated EU and an Obama USA with a less integrated EU and a more integrated EU.

A Cheney USA would probably attack Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons with a less integrated EU the national states would come up with all kinds of responses. The Middle East would become quite disturbed. The trans-Atlantic relationship would deteriorate.

A Cheney USA with a more integrated and strong EU would not be able to attack Iran. Everyone would live with the risk of a nuclear Iran after they have acquired their nuclear weapons. The trans-Atlantic relationship would not deteriorate as much since the EU would have a little more clout.

Obama's USA would not attack Iran whether or not EU was more or less integrated. The trans-Atlantic relationship would be good especially if EU became more integrated and a G3 scenario with China could materialize. There is of course the danger of two is company and three is a crowd. In the long run however, I believe in the trans-Atlantic company.

It is wrong to say that it is only the US that is at a break point. Europe is as well. The Lisbon Treaty debate is not settled yet and the difference in outcome is quite large.

Charlemagne brought up an important topic when he said that Reinfeldt has said the small and medium sized countries in the EU did not like a strong presidential candidate after the Lisbon Treaty had passed. Rather a Commission chairman than a president. I for one would like the president to always be elected from one of the major countries. That would be the only way of getting a little clout out of the EU, as seen now lately during the French president period relative the Czech. The greater nations have a little more stamina. Have the big cities in the area. If EU was a country, you would always get most speed out of Paris, London and Berlin and perhaps tomorrow from Brussels. It would be going against human biology to think otherwise. Increased nationalism would be a disaster. During the 18th century this was obvious. It should be as obvious today.

The problem is that there is so little information coming out from the EU. Free information mostly comes from the Anglo-American newsmedia systems. It is therefore very difficult to follow high-level thinking about the future of Europe. The Financial Times claim that free newsinformation will be gone in one year. All poor people in the world will be cocooned. This would potentially create instabilities. I believe in the Anglo-American way of a constant supply of high level information. Transparency. There has to be an other solution for quality journalism then charging up the internet. There was an interview of a journalist on the technology magazine Wired the other day in Der Spiegel. He claimed that there is no way that people are going to accept paying for information that has been free earlier. He said: we will find a way to solve this. It is just a matter of time. SvD.se had a Web question recently where 85% of the readers would refuse to pay for newsinformation.

Humanists are probably wrong on this notion?

Mörkermannen Tronét om kyrkans förfall « Christer Sturmark: "Många människor tror att Gud existerar. Men det tycks ha gått Tronét helt förbi att andra människor tror att Gud inte existerar. Det gäller en majoritet av Sveriges befolkning. Ingen av parterna kan bevisa sitt försanthållande. Därför måste naturligtvis samhället organiseras så att det är oberoende av och helt neutralt i förhållande till vilken part som har rätt."

I believe that both parties know they are right and that is what society has to be orgainized around. The agnostic position is to theoretical for being useful in society. A believing person knows they are right about God and do not need proof.

"The Broiler school"?

Broilers på glid - Ledare - Expressen.se: "Broilerskolan ger personer med lagom tillplattade åsikter i partiernas hundkoppel en direktbiljett in i regeringskansliet"

Something is the matter with the political youth organizations if this editorial in effect is not a fake test? I have followed the leaders of the youth organizations on their blogs for some time and they seem to be very decent people. I don't see why career politicians would be something fundamentally wrong. We lived for a while and produced the welfare state and now we need competent administrators for this construction.

Blogging should probably be a requirement for prospective party functionaries. It is a very good way for people to get a feeling for what they stand for and who they are. They will never get enough TV time for this to happen otherwise. This is how they will bond with the people. Townhalls are to inefficient.

Dick Erixon displayed a Satire yesterday where a person asks whether it is time to separate the politicians from the state, like the priests where separated with the church. There is a lot of truth in this satire because it is asking whether politicians can be peacefully linked with the siloviks and the power apparatus. Is this what have happened when the youth organizations have gone from 100,000 people in 1990 to 15,000 today? NGOs are becoming important and they represent in effect politicians separated from the state.

I have asked before how the siloviks are recruited? If politicians are recruited in broiler schools, how do you "educate" a silovik. They are many times criminal according to the law. Probably they are "educated" clandestinely. This is what we have to worry about, not the political youth organizations. Or do the youth organizations represent wolfs in sheep clothing?