It is an impressive media coverage of the release of some 250,000 cables from the US State Department to the press via the Internet. As far as I can see, this is a crime. Someone has stolen the data and is making it public. I must say I'm getting a little annoyed over the anti-American focus of Mr. Assange on this and his earlier releases. As I asked before, it is perhaps revealing to find out who is funding this man who is currently wanted for rape in Sweden.

However, in the US, there is a considerable positive interest from the release. Apparently it is being discussed how transparent diplomacy should be. Experienced diplomats, like Carl Bildt, claims that it is essential with confidentiality in such communications. I imagine it should be difficult to find arguments with Mr. Bildt on this point. It is clearly not a case of freedom of expression since the material is stolen, not leaked.

The release is causing lots of troubles for The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has gotten the very difficult role of conducting a world stabilizing foreign policy after the financial crisis. The leadership of the US is still important despite the rise of China and India. The world in general and the US in particular does not need people like Julian Assange that works in the trade of destroying international relationships.

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