What is the fight about: Power or The Holy Graal?

Well, seventy years ago Einstein 'insinuated' that science and religion are tight. He famously said: science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. As you saw in my last post, he was not pleased with the response to this thesis. The rise of psychology and especially the psychology of religion has made it more feasible to state the same today. It would be of great interest if the various religions fused with science. Because, science is universal.

Fareed Zakaria writes in his book The Post-American World from 2008 that his Ph.D advisor Samuel P. Huntington wrote that modernization and Westernization are wholly distinct. Modernity is generated by industrialization, urbanization, rising levels of literacy, education, and wealth. The Western society, on the other hand, is created by the classical legacy, Christianity, separation of church and state, the rule of law and civil society.

Westernization created something universal for man, science, ie, The Holy Graal. I guess what I have been trying to dissect out of the corpse lately is whether we actually discuss what is really important. Because it is not evident that power will maintain science. The Roman Empire forgot about Aristotle.

A while ago I read in the Swedish press that the soldiers in Afghanistan wondered if what they did was meaningful. It is very difficult to answer this question if you don't analyze the situation top-down. Einstein was a pacifist, so the following might not have made him particularly content but it was important from the point of view of moving the perhaps greatest scientist on Earth out of Nazi Germany. The following was written on September 11 1940, before the US had entered World War II:

A totally disabled veteran of World War I and, as he called himself, a patriotic citizen of the United States of America, wrote from Rochester, New York: "The great leaders, thinkers and patriots of the past who fought and died for free thought, free speech, free press, and intellectual liberty arise to salute you! With the great and mighty Spinoza, your name will live as long as humanity." (From Einstein and Religion by Max Jammer, 1999)

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech which leads to science is what is important. You tell me if our soldiers in Afghanistan are fooled by traitors at home?

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