A Nordic Union would be more interesting with the UK and the Baltics included?

Reading in the Financial Times that David Cameron, the UK prime minister, hosted a dinner yesterday with leaders from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lituania, Latvia, and Estonia. Cameron, who said he was working with France and Germany on EU budget discipline, believes such countries being more Atlanticist might have things to discuss.

Such a dinner might be more important than otherwise with the positions in the EMU seemingly locked to a standstill over the issue of who is going to bail out the South. From the point of view of a for the UK and Germany somewhat schizophrenic Sweden this might be an interesting opening. The UK and Sweden for example share the idea of a generous immigration politics--a very important issue in the coming decades.

The EU then would break up in a Northern-Western direction with Germany looking eastward and France and Italy looking southward. The revolution in Tunisia is of course very important in this respect. It demonstrates a clear devotion for democracy in an Arab country which would resonate well with all European Muslims and promote more immigration to adjust the otherwise bleak demographics for EU.

Well, is this highly heretic or actual dinner conversation?

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