Back to Nature or Forward into our Civilization?

I have often felt that our current worship of Nature, ie taking care of the environment, has pantheistic proportions. However, saying so means that politics is mixed with religion and science which is not helpful. Politics has that primate character that religion and science lack. It concerns power.

Making the dichotomy is of course not easy. Francis Bacon already in the 16th century claimed that knowledge is power and the Church has meddled a lot in politics since then. It is not possible even recently to separate religion and politics. We have the faith bound George W. Bush and Tony Blair couple and their position against political Islam.

Presently, in Sweden, the Church is using religion to go against the government on a healthcare issue. I feel this is quite OK since it is simply an issue of helping the sick and the poor and how much this is supposed to cost.

Returning to the pantheism above it is important to stress that we don't want to return to the caves in order to save energy. Solving the energy question is currently a race between the different power centers. Who is going to succeed first? As I said the other day, I think Europe is in the right mood and has the best set up. The US and China are too caught up in their economies. We need an idea. Europe is rich enough for that. Ideas are cheep, they say.

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