Where is the next interesting thing happening?

Is it going to be the most efficient economies that take the lead or is it going to be the most legitimate and therefore probably the most stable, albeit slower growing. China, South Korea and Japan represents a highly efficient area that is very competitive relative each other. Boston, Washington-Philadelphia, Texas, California and Chicago is another conglomerate that is in the legitimate category. In Europe we have London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

Although I have heard comments against this idea, I believe that we have entered a new era where rule-systems group into those utilizing pain, those who fool with pain and/or use subliminal stimulations of various kind and psychological terror, and normal ones that treat people like human beings with dignity.

Another favorite theory of mine is that the democracy wave that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s where dictatorships gave up power, so to speak, because they kept it behind the scenes with the technology, in reality was the transfer to a new order of so called democracy according to the second principle above.

There is good hope that the principle where people are fooled to believe that pain is going to be used against them will move in a more dignified direction as people try out to breach the orders and take the consequences that are not too severe. The dictatorships that use pain might very well go down hill on developments in the general direction of Libya and Syria. People just begin to go out and die in the streets when life has become bad enough.

There is a risk that the second category, fooling with pain, revert to using pain. Let us for the sake of mankind hope that this is not going to happen. Let us also hope that life in category two above is not too supressive. It was noteworthy that there were no leaders in the Egyptian revolt, just non-connected grassroots.

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