Conspiracy Theory about the revolt, not revolution, in Egypt?

Amir Taheri writes a column about Egypt and its military in The Times this weekend. Apparently the military and all its "tentacles" represent 10% of the population in Egypt. It is a state within the state. And the people of Egypt loves it as we know from the debacle at the Tahrir square.

Mubarak was part of the military!?

Isn't the easiest solution for this equation that the military staged a coup, which Taheri also suggests. They let the revolt happen and made sure they would look good as a result of it.

The good news for the 90% non-military people of Egypt could be that the Western educated forces within the military now can concentrate of rebuilding Egypt, with their newly won popular mandate, to something that is economically more efficient although I doubt that we will see much of liberalism. The question is rather how Chinese it will become? After all we witnessed severe anti-Western sentiments during the revolt especially during the attacks on the foreign press.

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