What is it the demonstrators in Egypt want?

There is on the Tahrir square a large sign held by the demonstrators that informs that people want to get rid of the "regime". Perhaps it is not so much Mubarak, as the regime. Now what do people mean by this?

Probably they want to get rid of "Secret Service", whatever that means. Perhaps it is sleepless nights in pain after what some unknowns interpret as insubordinations?

Some people think this is advanced and blame the West and Israel. Others blame Iran, apparently. However, there are no signs for requests for democracy that I have seen and the attacks recently on foreign press ought to mean that the regime wants to do what they are good at in "peace".

What seemed impossible actually happened in Tunisia, or did it? My guess is that "Secret Service" is still there and what is important is to improve the quality of this entity in order for it to be more similar to those in the West. The central question is, how do you achieve that?

It is possible that what we are seeing in the Middle East and The Mahgreb is due to the relative decline of the West. Muslims thus feel empowered. As was pointed out recently in polls at least anti-American sentiments are strong in countries like Egypt and the Tunisians did not like France. There are calls for an "orderly transition", but again, to what?

My guess is that the Arab world, due to their anti-Western sentiment, has to find their own order. The experience from Iraq shows that. Things looked very fortunate, from a Western standpoint, on Tuesday. But it was apparently not possible for Mubarak, due to his loyalties, to step down. Instead the regime fought back by sending in the hooligans to create "chaos" in order to shout "stability". An outrage in Western eyes?

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