Who is in actuality governing - the state or civil society?

I'm reflecting on the last editorial of PJ Anders Linder, the political editor of Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden's top dailies, which brings up what 'Alliansen', the center right coalition, stands for.

Democracy is the prefered system for governing and supposedly this political creed permeates also civil society to a certain extent. However, civil society can also show its teeth and act more decisively if need be. After all 90% of all innovation is taking place in companies. And then we have the Universities, where supposedly the basic science is taking place.

Some people have voiced concern about whether or not the state capitalism of China will be more competitive that the democratic government of the US, which has a tendency of being divided on itself, occasionally. Perhaps what we are watching instead is the battle between the US civil society and the Chinese polite bureau?

Perhaps the civil society is not only providing the funds for operating the state? It might in its own way in actuality also govern a country.

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