Liberal interventionism?

After the understanding that foreign troops or intervention in the Middle East and South Asia fails and backfires, the Arab League leader is already hesitant, and the BRIC nations abstained from laying their votes in the security council, which would translate into tarnishing the reputation of the West and boosting that of China, with significant negative effects in world trade, it is important to ask whether it is not more liberal to let the Libyans to themselves rather than intervening?

We don't have to go to North Africa to run into this problem. In the EU we have a problem between Germany and Greece that one person said was as close as you get to war in the EU these days. The German public doesn't think the life style of the Greeks should be paid for by German taxes. This phenomenon now changes the way the EU is going to operate in the future presently laying the grounds for a two speed EU.

Solidarity among all the nations with redistributions that work within a country like Germany does not work between EU countries, ie Europe is not the United States of Europe. The USA, by the way, does not have a majority for the Libyan debacle. Sixty percent is against.

Being liberal then is to let people have their own culture. The Greeks have their's and the Libyans their's. This does not mean the Greeks or the Libyans are less intelligent or does not mean you have to invoke racial ideas. But they want to live differently. In Sweden then, within our culture, we are not so keen on letting people perform honor killings, genital mutilations like those in Africa nowadays or in China producing eunuchs pre-Mao. Not to mention foot bindings. All these are control minded people's dreams of humiliations.

So we live in a non-authoritarian section of the world where human rights are respected to a greater extent. It is conceivable that some five to ten percent of Libyans are democratic and share our values but it is not necessarily conceivable that Libya would be more stable and that peace would rein if they were in power over more authoritarian subjects. The notion that democratic values are universal is a theorem in need of proof. The proof of time.

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