Right-of-Center in Politics--Here to Stay?

A couple of articles in The Times today, one editorial and one from David Miliband, the former Labor foreign secretary, deal with the problem the center-left is facing in Europe. I also read a book by Göran Greider, a free-thinking social democrat unsatisfied with the recent election result in Sweden where the right-of-center alliance won, discussing the heritage of Olof Palme recently called You don't escape Olof Palme.

Perhaps that is what mankind in Europe actually has done, it escaped social democracy, an over-moralizing phenomenon. We have found out with new means that the populace is actually placed a little right-of-center rather than left-of-center. Differences seen earlier might have been due to differences in the elite rather than among the broad masses. The internet and social media has now lifted the bar sufficiently to erase these differences and we will for some time now find politics where it has landed?

Göran Greider mourns Palme's "democratic socialism" without being able to formulate an alternative because the majority has proven to be placed right-of-center? He is even so unsatified that he asks "there must be a way out of here". Maybe there is not?

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