"Muscular Liberalism"?

Paulina Neuding writes the following in a Project Syndicate article recently: "Thus, the lack of “muscular liberalism” in one of the world’s most liberal countries has paved the way for both Islamists and right-wing populists. Europe’s leading politicians have spoken out, and now it is time for European civil society – its newspapers, critics, curators, academics, and publishers – to declare the failure of multiculturalism and show some courage in defending the values they claim to embody".

I'm not sure I like the expression "muscular liberalism". First, I am not sure exactly what it means and second, because it sounds a little non-intellectual for a quite complicated and academic subject. It was first used by David Cameron, the UK prime minister, at a security conference.

I agree with Paulina Neuding, however, concerning standing up for a person like Lars Vilks when he is assaulted by people that does not know how to behave in a Western country, although, I, as earlier stated, think it is not a good idea to humiliate religious belief unnecessarily.

I have realized that some people don't think a position like mine is strong enough against multiculturalism, defined as Neuding does in her article. Religious belief is very important for a majority of people on Earth, so I don't understand why the intermediate position should be difficult to accept. Different faiths have to be accepted in society although cultural expressions of violent tendencies, both actions and threats, have to be prevented.

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