CIA is becoming a four letter word in Sweden again?

I read today in Svenska Dagbladet, the center-right top Swedish daily, a sour article about two CIA operatives that had been caught spying on terrorists by SÄPO, the Swedish secret police, without coordination with the latter organization.

There are two ways of dealing with this information. You can feel passed by and offended or you can ask yourself why the US might have done this. If you like I do, think that the security of the United States is good for the security of Sweden and that the CIA is a force for good, you think that there might be a reason for why CIA did not coordinate with SÄPO or "Secret Service", and then I assume that SÄPO knows what "secret service" is doing.

The obvious question then is whether or not there are leaks that would tip off the prospective terrorists in the security organizations? As usual for Sweden, it is a matter of chosing sides or staying neutral.

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