Swedish weapon export to dictatorships?

There seems to be a move towards blocking Swedish weapon export to dictatorships because the governing parties have a similar view as the social democrats. A while ago I commented on the path that Sweden was to take in positioning themselves internationally. The old peace path seems likely despite a short stint in Libya which the social democrats have been intent to stop.

The free world has weapon production for defending themselves which depends on proficiency in science. This production depends on the sale of certain weapons that are not the cutting edge and that you don't fear yourself. Without this sale your security bill is going to become much higher and the competitiveness of the industry is going to be weaker.

I see nothing wrong in selling arms to dictatorships. However, as I commented on earlier I have problems with partnerships with dictatorships. Blocking sale of weapons when other NATO allies are doing this is an unfortunate moralizing event.

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