Money Comes to You

A few days ago I stated that the US and China seem too preoccupied with the "economy, stupid" for being in the mood for creating great science and that Europe with their more laid back style might be in this position instead. Here in Sweden government is singing their mantra about creating jobs.

With the risk of being blamed to be non-competitive, I want to say that what I rather meant was that "Money Comes to You" as the saying goes.

I thought about this when our president in the EU said that Europe is a great place to live in, and I say this again, that it would be a great pity if the best place to live does not produce the best results being the place where the ideas and creativity of people find the most fertile soil.

Nietzsche is supposed to have claimed, I don't like him by the way, that the equivalence of the European welfare state means that a slave mentality has arrived and that no one wants to achieve anything anymore. I guess what we have to prove here in Europe is that Nietzsche was wrong.

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