Quality journalism and bloging?

Germany Looks at Ways to Protect Online Journalism - NYTimes.com: "Publishers say they understand that the Internet is different, but that they are tired of watching others make money from their content online. “This is simply one part of the media’s effort to survive in a new kind of economy,” said Stefan Söder, a lawyer for Hubert Burda Media, a magazine publisher based in Munich."

I found this article via SvD.se where someone had made a referate. I found the referate via bloggportalen.se. Well, the Germans think it might be a good idea to charge for linkages to new sites. So far no one discussed the issue at stake here. If I was bloging commercially I would have to subscribe to all magazines and newspapers that I linked to in all fairness. Maybe it would be preferable to charge per article. It might be cheaper since I site some papers very rarely.

Today I only subscribe on The Economist but I am thinking of trying to subscribe on DN.se. It did not work via the net so I guess I have to call them. I tried to subscribe on IHT.com but did not succeed. I paid 1000SEK for four months but never got a paper in the mail. However, my situation might be unusual. At least I hope so. It may be that some other people, keeping me as a virtual prisoner, makes money out of my posts. I have no legal or other connection with these people however.

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