The Paradox of Israel's and Europe's islamophobia

Isi Leibler's column: Europe has forsaken Israel Columnists Jerusalem Post: "I also noted that in contrast to the American people who overwhelmingly support Israel, opinion polls taken in Europe confirm that the prevailing consensus perceives Israel as a rogue state posing a greater threat to world peace and stability than even Iran or North Korea. I also related to the craven European appeasement of the Arabs and their willingness to sacrifice Israel on the altar of expediency."

Israel is currently discussing on who they should lean to in the future, the EU or the US. Caroline Glick earlier wrote about the affinity Israel has for Europe which however is not reciprocal. Isi Leibler also argues for trusting the American public rather than the Europeans.

The strange thing is that Israel is faced now with the same problem that is appearing in Europe--an assertive Islam. This can be seen in Europe by recent aftershocks from the Swiss minaret discussions. Here in Sweden a foreigner averse party is steadily gaining ground and such parties are already present in Norway and Denmark. The foreigner is Muslim. This means that Israel and Europe share the same problem with the Muslims but are still at odds with each other, seemingly a paradox. Helping Palestine is giving the Europeans perks in appeasing Muslims at home.

Leibler reviews a book by Christopher Caldwell, a Financial Times journalist, that gloomily warns for the imminent conquering of Europe by the Muslims. These kinds of thought is of course what fuels the current islamophobia in Europe. Old Europeans have less than two children per family and Muslims more children per family. The battle of Europe has begun, if one believes Leibler. Leibler's solution is for European governments to forcefully maintain their Judeo-Christian heritage. A reflex that is understandable from the perspective of the Jewish people, ethnically very homogenous.

However, why would it necessarily be bad if there was a merge of the two cultures within the security paradigm of the EU? It is not going to be a replica of the Middle East nor will it be a replica of Europe at the time of the two World Wars. It will be something new and exciting. Charlemagne writes about the imminent decline of Europe relative the rest of the world in his latest column. I'm not sure I agree. Europe has a lot going for it. However, things will not turn out for the better if we return to foreigner averse behaviors of old times.

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