Familiar conclusion?

RealClearWorld - Arabs, Israel and Strategic Balance: "In the end, the profound divisions in the Arab world both protect Israel and make diplomatic solutions to its challenge almost impossible — you don’t need to fight forces that are so divided, but it is very difficult to negotiate comprehensively with a group that lacks anything approaching a unified voice."

George Friedman at Stratfor writes a review of the Middle East situation after the Turkish flotillla blockade-run. He concludes that Israel is pretty safe in the short run even if the US would look elsewhere. However, Friedman does not bring up the question of the diasporas in the US and in Europe and the effects world opinion against Israel might have on their positions.

There are about as many Jews in the US as there are in Israel, about 6m. You find an additional 1.5m in Europe. There has been a discussion in Sweden about the possible moral obligation for Swedish Jews to distance themselves from the flottilla raid. I did not see that this discussion brought up the notion that the three main entities of Jews might actually begin to develop differently and that their Jewishness is becoming secondary to their citizenships. Such ideas have been voiced. The Jewish voice in the US has been very important for Israel but is has split into two not so long ago, AIPAC and J-street, where J-street is more moderate and Israel critic.

Jews living in the US in a peaceful, but active in wars, situation differ from the European variety where there is more peace now but where the memories linger in the Holocaust. Both differ a lot from the ongoing war situation in Israel even if it is considered by some that the highest Jewish bliss, aliya, is reached in Israel, I would personally think that Jews in the US has the largest potential to reach the most advanced civilized state. Tolerance for successful communities would be greatest here. Therefore, my question would be what is the real home of the Jews today? Should one count potential personal development or put a larger emphasis on the actual real estate, the Holy Land?

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