Israel's safety is unsustainable?

Obama is abandoning Israel--John Bolton - NYPOST.com: "the White House is plainly leaning heavily on Israel to weaken the blockade in potentially fatal ways. Indeed, on Friday, a White House press person said the 'current arrangements' were 'unsustainable,' a very poorly disguised threat to Israel."

Israel is sensing pressure right now for removing the blockade of Gaza for items that might create destructive power against Israel. Statements like "we have to save Israel from itself" are not uncommon. Nearly all people so far, even former Israel friends, have said that the violence displayed by Israel against the Turkish flotilla have been excessive. I don't agree! The IDF must have seemingly used as little power as they could while maintaining their own lives.

When people back hundreds of millions Muslims arrayed against 6m Jews, something must be wrong. Add to that 500m Europeans. I have earlier concluded that people in Europe draw conclusions about matters in Israel as if they lived in peace and harmony down there as they do in Europe. I wonder what would happen if the US also turned downright against Israel? This is what the PR war aims at.

It apparently boils down to the question of winning wars in Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan or keeping Israel as a friend. According to arguments being made it does not seem like you can have this cake and eat it? In that respect it might be wise to suggest that a bird in the hand is better than ten in the forest.

Last time I commented on the flotilla debacle I brought up Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rhetoric. A very well argumented and balanced article in The Christian Science Monitor brings up this question of language usage. The article begins with the words: "Even considering the shock and sorrow over the tragic deaths of 8 Turks and a Turkish-American aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla of Turkish vessels, the rhetorical response from Turkish officials has been over the top". Especially noting that the Turks created the debacle by breaking a military blockade in a war zone where International Law does not really apply.

There was talk about Israel having painted themself into a corner but I believe that it is rather Turkey that has made this mistake. We need to see a Turkey that returns to normal ways and not a country that is fuelling lynch mobs with fierce rhetoric. A Turkey that can be friends with Europe, without being a member of the EU, and at the same time a friend to Israel and to the Arabs and Persians.

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