My life as a potential Russian spy--I'm asking what you would think?

As I read about the 11 Russians caught by the FBI in the US, I could not help thinking about my own life. It so happens that I did not think it was possible to be a spy any longer. That it is, is actually good news.

When in 1998, I found out about TTDE, the technology that does not exist, it occurred to me that I all of a sudden had the explanation for many strange events that had happened to me since around 1970.

One of the first was during my reading of Alexander Solchenisyn's The Gulag Archipelago. Once when I stood up from my reading chair I suffered from acute hypotonia and my blood pressure fell so much that I fell to the ground and even hit my head in the floor. Normally such hypotensive bouts are much lighter and can be reversed by taking a lower position.

I performed very well in school around 15 years of age and was interested in science and medicine. Probably more in science in general since I did my first compulsive work-apprenticeship arranged by the school in a laboratory at Astra Pharmaceuticals in Mölndal where I lived and went to school. Or so I thought at least until I realized that I was placed in the animal housing department for the two week placement. One day I would have had an opportunity to visit a real laboratory for a day at least but the lab I was directed to was empty. No one came to meet me.

The next year I wanted to practice as a physician but I got a placement at a course for nurses aids instead at the hospital. One day we were introduced to hearing aids in a darkened room where I all of a sudden fainted and vomited on the floor. Never happened before or after again. Hearing aids makes me think of the hearing hallucinations many of us encounter these days.

These events have made me believe that people in Mölndal where engaged in having me "logged" via TTDE from early years and that this is something that has been going on for all my life. I have been walking around as a walking talking video camera to these people.

The list of events like the once described are plentiful all through my life. One of the more dramatic was that I found out that if I placed my motorcycle accidents on the map the sites formed the stars of the Big Dipper (Karlavagnen, Stora Björn as in Russian bear?) making me understand that someone might have aided me in these accidents in various ways.

In medical school I had problems with studying also. Interestingly, my course in pediatrics went very well and might have served as a measurement of my abilities. As I write right now I am intellectually and memory inhibited to a certain extent and I have a feeling that whoever has had me logged over the years have modulated my intellect variably over the years.

By attribution my feeling is that the people responsible for controlling me have had a character of sour socialists. Was I a Russian spy without knowing it? My father, who was a naturalized American citizen might have had the same problem in his later years according to some information that I got recently and by his charading while I lived in the US.

My years in Philadelphia in the US at the Wistar Institute was in a large lab run by a Polish born scientist that also directed the Institute. I made quite a career there and stayed almost ten years until I was shot in pieces partially by the aid of TTDE, an easy target not yet knowing about it. I have understood that my wife and collaborator at the lab had knowledge of TTDE. My children, who I tried to warn for the technology, after I found out about it, don't dare to discuss it. I would never have gotten children had I known.

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