4th of July 2010

Dick Erixon — I hjärtat rebell: "Någonstans slutar människor att vara fria och blir istället statens förslavade undersåtar."

Erixon brings up the difference in being a citizen and a subject something apparently Jefferson chose between when he drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. However, is the notion of the state as the only villain not a little simplified? Economical differences between the left and the right still exist, especially in taxation, but the old separation in Conservative, Liberal and Socialist provides a for the times more important discriminator. Because there is bondage both to the left and to the right and freedom of the individual only in the middle. In Sweden though the liberals are for some reason called "night stick" liberals.

The civil society, or Big Society as David Cameron, the British PM calls it, is not a conglomerate of free individuals. Today people voluntarily apparently joins systems of people where they knowingly, or unknowingly, sell their soul to some form of community leader. Some of these systems are very conservative and have ideas on how people should behave in some detail. And they have means of enforcing this behavior.

According to Cameron we then have the unfortuante in the outsideship, without work, and dependent on either the state or on organisations in the civil society. Here life is even more of a subject and the "capos'", or "krösamajornas", enforcement reach torture chamber levels (own experience).

The "block politics" in Sweden unfortunately leave the free zone in between them and we have bondage both to the right and to the left. Freedom will continue to erode as long as people do not talk about TTDE. According to my understanding, the Tea Party movement in the US concerns the existence without a fürer.

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