Perhaps the World's Most Important Idea?

Locke discussed, some people think, the notion of State of Nature with Hobbes' view of a State of War. Locke did not agree, however, and suggested that Laws of Nature governed the moral of people that behaved. Not all though, so a state was necessary to enforce the laws.

Although Grotius had claimed that the laws come from people and do not need God, Locke believed that God gave the moral to people and were against atheists. No one, however, was divinely given the right to rule over other people.

Spinoza, who was born 1632, as was Locke, then explained that God was Nature and therefore a very modern view that morals are coded genetically was in principle there already in the 17th century.

What Locke said was however in tune with his time and the self-evidentness of mans right to life, liberty and property gave rise to the American Revolution that later returned the grace to Europe and saved the 20th century from ruin twice.

Locke was actually a trained physician and his notion of morals as biological might have been the single most powerful idea of all times? Political Science starts here.

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