Indians, does an equivalent exist today?

I have been called an Indian, ie an American Indian, from the unfortunate culture that was decimated extensively by the Europeans. The Europeans came along with their superior learning and technology and if you look at the United States today, my feeling is that Indians should have been encouraged to integrate into the Western society. It is of course a sensitive issue since both cultures have value. Did they for example have a different morality?

Does this mean that I am an Indian equivalent today when I was excluded from certain aspects of learning and technology of today during my upbringing? The school failed to teach me the new ways. There ought to be a lot of Indians in this case. Following the reasoning above, the new culture could have a new morality that would be superior to mine from the old world. However, if the new ways would be using the same morality, I would not have any problems integrating.

I don't know about you but I have a feeling that I am too similar to be the equivalent of an Indian that has been pushed to the reservation, or the outsideship. I would also pose the question if the old morality is not superior to the new rules. Since morality to a large extent is genetically defined, I don't suspect that there should exist a new one. What I fear, as I have detailed elsewhere, is that the new ways are immoral?

I think I mentioned this earlier, but if I'm right in my assumption, the load of the so defined Indians might be what is holding the economy of the West down right now? Increased transparency for the technology might therefore have a beneficial effect on the economy?