So maybe I'm not a Russian spy, but who in Sweden set me up as an information gatherer without my knowledge?

So after University of Pennsylvania security, or the FBI, or whoever they were, shot me to pieces my wife told me in tongues that she did not want me at home. I had in principle only two ways to go. To Wisconsin where my father and stepmother lived or back to Sweden where my mother lives and I had some other family. At that point in time I had a feeling that my ultimate problems emanated from Sweden and went back to see if I could find any answers. I knew something was wrong. People had used the TTDE on me, and even if I did not realize that it existed, there was an eerie feeling. I was mentally exhaused.

It so happened I returned to my mother's 60 year anniversary party in 1993 and I met relatives and friends. However, coming back was like moving around in a padded room. I had lost the abiliity to talk reason with people. I was a new kind of pariah.

To make a long story short--I am still a pariah. On top of this I have been made a mentally ill person. They actually tried to suggest I should ask for help with my depression while still in the US but I knew I was not depressed. It is actually interesting that it is not possible to make a person depressed, ie true melancholic, with TTDE. What a splendid way for Human Destruction Inc. to get rid of people? They might even take their own lives, to bring down costs, if they have not already been transferred to the tax payer.

My conclusion is that whoever set me up in the first place is keeping me, their human waste product, away from society via what I call Human Destruction Inc., an organization of people dedicated to keeping a person down by various methods inluding TTDE.

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