Is there a political motive behind building mosques?

The Arab Lobby in America: Alan Dershowitz - The Daily Beast: "The methodology employed by the Arab lobby is thus totally inconsistent with democratic governance, because it does not reflect the will of the people but rather the corruption of the elite, while the Israeli lobby seems to operate within the parameters of democratic processes. Yet so much has been written about the allegedly corrosive nature of the Israeli lobby, while the powerful Arab lobby has widely escaped scrutiny and criticism."

This difference appears to stem from the fact that the Saudis are not popular in the eyes of the public in the US, according to Dershowitz, whereas the Jews and their lobby organization AIPAC are. The Arab lobbies thus target high profile individuals with money rather than affecting public sentiment.

Just as you must ask who funds Wikileaks it is interesting to ask the question who funds the building of mosques in the US and also in Sweden for that matter. Freedom of religion is important but if a religion is spread by injections of unpopular funds it is phenomenologically interesting since it is impossible to build churches in Saudi Arabia. We should of course not be like they are, in the sense of preventing religious freedom, but I must say that I find it irritating. However, the limit for the feeling of security that would allow such "infiltration" is probably reached in at least Europe, where there are more Muslims per capita than in the US, as judging from the current debate and which means there would be a limit to religious freedom in the Western society.

One reason for the discontent with Muslims in both US and Europe can of course simply be that things are not going very well in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The idea was that if you attack us on 'our' soil we would act via prevention on 'your' soil. Since this paradigm did not work as well as expected, the impulse then becomes to remove Muslims from 'our' soil. This impulse would then put pressure on the concept of free religion since Islam became politicized. It becomes an issue between national security and freedom of religion.

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