Vacation VII

I wanted to get a few ideas in the same post for posterity. David Chalmers is cited as the originator of the so called hard problem of consciousness, ie why we have phenomenological experiences.

In an earlier post I suggested that frequencies, like nervous firings, can be converted to images by so called Fourier transforms, a mathematical procedure. Thus we have a situation where biological tissues could give rise to what we think of as thoughts, images and words by a biologic calculation. The brain would do that. Darwin actually suggested that the brain secretes the mind.

One should need a medium for projecting these images. Here is something missing for this scheme to work. Everyone that knows TTDE works, knows this medium exist. The body produces something that can carry the Fourier transformed image. This Mind-net is our human life. Our third existence. Implant technology can tap this net on information by transforming it to frequencies again for transmission. Making it possible for humans to communicate with thoughts. Implants would then not rattle the nerves, just the net.

A cat also does the transforms but there must be an important development in the human Mind-net giving us the ability to create. This would mean that the net can evolve by successive cellular changes, assuming a qualitative difference. There is an interesting observation to be made on memory capacity of humans and chimpanzees. The brain of a human is only three times as large whereas the memory capacity is far greater. This would mean that memory is not located in the synapses of neurons but rather somehow in the net.