Vacation V

I grew up during the summers in archipelago settings and have become affectionate to the scenery one finds on the west coast of Sweden. I once said this to my father when I visited him in the US, he became a US citizen and made his PhD over there on Ralph Waldo Emerson, and he told me he preferred "skogarnas dunkla mystik" or the "somber mystique of the forests". He spent his life in Wisconsin in an area not dissimilar to northern Skåne.

It was out here on Hönö where my physical period began. I was trying to study to become a physician in Linköping but found it difficult. Then I did not know but I have since found out that people inhibit my learning with TTDE. In any case, back in Hönö, with inhibited intellectual abilities, I turned to physical activities. I would not be surprised if this would be a normal response to such treatment? I realized that I with my background in medicine and research and without references I could try to become a personal trainer or equivalent.

I remember jogging during the winter here on Hönö without making any progress. As a matter of fact my first jog on a distance of 5 km was my fastest one. As with the intellectual disabilities I now know why. People can control my muscle function. At the time I continued my training. My mother did not want me to stay here at Hönö so I moved to Bergsjön and was dependent on welfare which led to that I found a job as a nurses aid in Kungsbacka and my training was biking to and fro to Kungsbacka from Bergsjön. At the end of my two month placement half time someone started giving me back ache when I biked. People started to mob me at work as if I was not welcome anymore and therefore I quit. I then realized I would never become a physician here in Sweden.

I had studied karate for a while in the US for exercise so I decided to take it up. There where no furniture in my apartment and I slept on a thin mattress on the floor and my appartment thus became my dojo. The dojo is a place for Zen Buddhism worship that is karate exercise and there are rules for how to enter and leave the dojo just like in a Catholic church. A dojo is kept very clean and I used fresh clothes for every two hour training pass and showered.

Karate is a very intellectual exercise and like classic ballet, which I studied the theory of during this time, training is performed by practicing complicated movement series called katas. You start with the simplest one and when this is mastered you move on to the next one. I thought this might become a way to earn a living if nothing else a healthy and inspiring way to live one's life. I had become a seeker. I trained very hard and got an excellent physique. It actually happened that I got help, against my will, with movements with TTDE on a few occasions. It is possible to guide the introduction of a new movement with a recorded one something I guess all elite gymnasts, ballet dancers and the like utilize these days. Not to mention practicing your golf swing. Of course without saying anything because it is sooo secret. These TTDE encounters during training and sexual harassment with TTDE during this time explained to me that TTDE existed.

After two years of karate training and one and a half year of sexual harassment I was brutally forced to end all training and both motion program and theoretical knowledge is suppressed and gone. Yes, to this day when I study someone is erasing or hiding my knowledge for me which makes progress very slow. The knowledge I got of TTDE obviously changed my world view and perhaps one of the most important results was that I got a feeling that some is preventing me from entering the work market with TTDE and negative information.

During this time I was looking for work at the work employment agency and received welfare. However, at one point the welfare agency stopped communicating with me, something they are required to do by law. I then realized by this event and many others during the time that I was not really receiving a real welfare but was on some other kind of money. I did not accept this, left my apartment, since I did not have legal money, and went to Mölndal, where I grew up and went to school, instead to get real welfare. They did not take me in and sent me back to Bergsjön. I was then punished with five months of closed psychiatric care at Lillhagsparken in Göteborg for the second time.

My father then unfortunately died of prostate cancer and Parkinson's disease at the age of 76 so I inherited money from him which saved me from the dungeons of the welfare system to Hönö. This was five years ago. I don't know if he knew what a tremendous service he did to me? I would like to comment that 'socialtjänstlagen', or the social law of Sweden, is written to prevent slavery. What I encountered is a new form of prisonhood that some people seem to benefit from. As I have detailed before, this is not over yet for me. I still have these people in my body.