Who is most aggressive: the US or an average of 10 Muslim countries?

In my last post I found out the 7% of so called Muslim radicals thought it was perfectly OK to bomb the World Trade Center in New York in 2001. It is possible to compare this with the present sentiments in the US nationwide on bombing nuclear installments in Iran.

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll asked 900 registered voters nation wide on April 2010 the question:

"Do you support or oppose the United States taking military action to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons".

65% supported this idea and 25% opposed it with about the same numbers in a poll from September 2009.

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll asked 522 adults nation wide on February 2010 the question:

"What do you think the United States should do to get Iran to shut down its nuclear program: take military action against Iran now, use economic and diplomatic efforts but not take military action now, or take no action against Iran at this time?"

23% wanted military action now up from 13% in 2006. Economic and diplomatic actions were thought in 63% of the cases with the same number 2006. No action was answered in 12% of the case which is down from 21% in 2006.

With this simple analysis the US is more aggressive, assuming the same loss of Iranian lives as in New York. Now there is the difference that the US does not do terrorism or deal in proxy warfare with Israel. Media is thus creating a situation where a preparedness for war against Iran is maintained for the sake of world peace. This is happening despite the fact that analysts and Robert Gates of the Defense Department says it is impossible to attack Iran. We are thus performing psychological warfare against Iran to maintain our interests in the Gulf.

The scenario is complicated by the situation Israel is facing. The Israelis seemed in the last analysis have a zero tolerance for Iranian nuclear weapons. The question then is if Iran is trying to lure the West into a trap where there are no real nuclear weapons but rather only the nuclear energy facilties they claim they have? The same trap Saddam Hussein used. Then again, most analyses indicate that it is not possible to attack Iran so there should not be a problem actually. George Bush did not do it, nor will President Obama.

In other words, an aggressivity of 7% in Muslim countries against the US is probably what one has to expect and can not be a reason for assuming a threat to world peace. We are left with a terrorism threat.

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