Did the Obama Doctrine cause the Green Uprising in Iran?

Ett år med Obama i Vita huset - Konflikt - sr.se: "I studion finns också Trita Parsi, för att ge synpunkter på hur presidenten hanterat krisen i Iran. Parsi har bakgrund i Sverige och är idag ordförande i National Iranian American Council och bosatt i Washington."

Trita Parsi put forward the idea that Obama with his new approach to the Muslim world caused the Green Uprising in Iran. This is a very interesting idea that if correct would point at a clear advance of the Obama Doctrine over the Bush ditto during the last year.

People in Iran might have been gloomy over the prospect of a war between the US and Iran and when the pressure waned they finally visualised a path to a final integration of Iran to the World community rather than, what for any intelligent Iranian must be a very dismal idea, The Iranian Revolution across the world.

This line of thinking would point in a direction of removing sanctions towards Iran. This would further the hope of an approachment with the West and significantly strenghten the opposition. Parsi meant that supporting the democracy movement would be the most important issue over 2010. He said that the only possible mistake of the Obama administration vis-à-vis Iran was the neglect of forcefully denoting the regime crackdown on the green movement. My own line of thinking on that subject was that it was very important for Obama not to intervene during the riots which would have strenghtened the possibility for the regime to blame the West via the non-urban population.

Removing sanctions is, however, removing what many think is the only means of blocking Iran to produce nuclear weapons. As I pointed out before, the problem with this is that Iran if they want to can produce nuclear arms. Neither the US or the EU would stop them. Israel might however try, they are united as a country against Iran. They simply do not trust them with nuclear weapons. This dilemma is hard to solve.

Parsi's priority then is to generate a slightly more democratic Iran. The question then is if this is enough to solve the dilemma?

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