The ten commandments?

Ronald, 70, överklagar örfilsdomen Nyheter Aftonbladet: "70-årige Ronald Fasth i Värnamo som dömts till dagsböter efter att ha örfilat en tolvårig pojke som kallat honom gubbjävel överklagar domen till hovrätten.
– Jag vill löpa linan ut, säger han till Värnamo Nyheter."

How good are the ten commandments in telling if a person is good or not? There is nothing about hitting children as a corrective measure or to beat people on the street because you don't like what they say. I hope Ronald is not vindicated on his injustice.

The first three commandments are about monotheism and the one on the Sabbath is also passé.

I like the one on the honoring of the father and the mother but recent events in societal organization has challenged this commandment to the bone.

Not stealing and not killing is just common law as is the one on bearing false witness against your neighbor. The last one is in essence a duplication.

I like the one about adultery but it is not illegal anymore.

So, there are many ethical judgments that make a person good that is not taken up by the commandments. Personally I think the verdict against Ronald is more important than it seems. In my experience medieval corporal punishment is on its way back. This development has to be reversed.

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