You shall kill, sometimes?

Åkesson tar Svenssons plats Politik Debattämnen Debatt Aftonbladet: "I så fall behöver Jimmie Åkesson bara bli varm i kläderna, för att klara av vad Göran Hägglund misslyckats med, det vill säga bli en värdig efterträdare till Alf Svensson i svensk politik."

Torbjörn Tännsjö seems to say that Alf Svensson is against immigration and I guess that Svensson will have to answer for himself. Åkesson and Svensson are apparently both against abortions. When he says "honorable" successor of Svensson, I guess he reveals much about his own character and political views.

However, what I want to comment on is the low rating of humans that Tännsjö is advocating when he claims that people don't care about what is claimed by a politician as long as it has a high contrast. I thought that when people vote for a person rather than when they vote for a party they make an evaluation of that person's character as it appears. The character of a leader is going to have a profound impact on how they will act not only today but also in the future. This is why Reinfeldt is so much a more promising candidate than is Sahlin. He projects as a better leader. The conservative right is moving leftward in Sweden, which might be another explanation for KDs low ratings.

Apparently Tännsjö has written a book called You shall sometimes kill (Du ska understundom dräpa). This title makes the probability for my reading of it very low. I, like Göran Hägglund, don't think physicians should kill. Not even sometimes. There was a debate on the radio in the program Studio Ett the other day where this issue was discussed. Apparently, the county's physicians are improving the means of caring for people that are about to die. It will be possible to lower the consciousness of a patient if pain, anxiety or other ailments can't be managed in another fashion.

Tännsjö is apparently a humanist and as such seethes a highly critical attitude against religion which is apparent from his article. This attitude is not longer understandable since approximateely 80% of the population is known to believe, most of which have some kind of faith. I myself belong to this majority of mankind that has faith, I call my faith religious humanism, but without any disdain for people who do have faith in Christ.

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