Lady Catherine Ashton and EUs position on foreign affairs so far

Catherine Ashton was interviewed today at the EU parliament for three ours as part of the parliament's investigation of the new commission of Jose Manuel Barroso. Gunnar Hökmark said in his blog that Ashton pointed to Russia and China as strategic partners which is in line with her position as trade commissioner. EU is lining up with Obama's administration on this one as with the Iran question.

EUobserver / EU's new top diplomat remains cool under fire: "She hinted she would back further sanctions against Iran if the country continues to ignore international calls to open its nuclear programme to scrutiny. 'If we don't have the rules kept to, then we have to take action in some form,' she said."

Unfortunately there is not much that actually can be done if Iran goes their own way, especially if you want to be partners with Russia and China. Ashton also had a milder tone on Israel than she had when questioned by MEPs before Christmas. She is for a two-state solution but did not criticize Israels occupation of Judea and Samaria.

Ashton apparently is going to focus on Ukraine and their election as well as on the Muslim extremist infested countries between Somalia and Pakistan during the upcoming weeks.

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