Brazil is also against sactions for Iran

Soured Over Policy, Latin American Leaders Await Sessions With Clinton - NYTimes.com: "Brazil, which holds a rotating seat on the Security Council, has said it opposes further sanctions. It recently moved to expand its ties with the Islamic government in Tehran and has been a vocal advocate for engagement over isolation."

Brazil is doing more business with China than with the US at this point and this is a circumstance than would strenghten China's resolve to not vouch for stronger sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council.

Carl Bildt was visiting Brazil not long ago. He did not talk about it in his blog but one of his errands must have been the potential sale of JAS Gripen. The French seems to be best positioned with their Raphale. I guess it is of some importance where Brazil turns for their military aviation. France might be more independent of the US than Sweden, ponders perhaps Brazil? Personally I think we should fly the same as the Norwegians and enter NATO. However, we live in strange times. Some voices begin to sing the end of NATO.

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