Per capita medal count for the Vancouver Olympics

For the Beijing summer Olympics I calculated the per capital medal count because I find it more interesting. The two foremost countries were Australia and Norway with 220 and 200 medals/100m, respectively. The US had only 37/100m and China 7.7/100m. You find most countries between 50 and 80 medals/100m. Sweden had 56.

This year in Vancouver the total medal listing for the top ten countries is: USA 37; Germany 30; Canada 26; Norway 23; Austria 16; Russia 15; South Korea 14; China, Sweden and France 11.

The ranking per capita is (medals/100m): Norway 489; Austria 195; Sweden 118; Canada 79; Germany 38; South Korea 29; France 17; USA 12; Russia 11; and China 0.85.

Norway is truly impressive in both Beijing and Vancouver. However, Sweden came third in Vancouver per capita.

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