The Power of Parliament?

Staffan Danielsson: "Ett debattinlägg i Norrköpings tidningar (tyvärr inte utlagt på webben) kring debatten om 'riksdagens' makt ökar ju oftare som enstaka borgerliga riksdagsledamöter fäller sin regerings och sina partiers förslag. Jag menar att det är socialdemokraternas och de rödgrönas makt som ökar, inte riksdagens, om oppositionen inte 'röstar fritt' utan endast några liberaler"

What is power of government? If the utilization of the wisdom of parliament is secured by the ability of MPs to vote according to their conscience, this is power--power of the country. For the government, parliament excluded, to always get their will through, is not power. It is rather power of a small group of individuals given a mandate that is supposed to be checked by parliament.

I must say that I have begun to wonder if I live in a fascist state when MPs talk about whip lash pain involved in the decision process of voting bills through? In the case of the vote of conscience for the 1915 genocide, for example, it is the wisdom of parliament that is requested as a measure of this country's position. For the losers of the "match" it is of course frustrating but in a democracy it is just off to the next game. Team sports are very important for fostering these sentiments in the Western world.

If we were to have Sweden Inc., the parliament would correspond to the board. Yes, it would be more effective but not so wise a structure. Not so representative of the people. People start to worry that we have to govern like the Chinese to be competitive. I believe this would be a great mistake for the reason that this will only work for a while until people become immune to steering by the invisible hand. What happens if people do not become immune? Then we will get the Dark Ages back for a long time, perhaps forever.

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