One more round of Nuclear Power seems necessary

Regeringen vill ha nya reaktorer - DN.se: "Beslutet fattades på torsdagen och propositionen presenteras nästa vecka. Förslaget innebär att de nuvarande tio reaktorerna ska kunna ersättas med nya — och att ett tak om högst tio reaktorer sätts."

Jan Björklund, leader of Folkpartiet, has argued well for the need of replacing at least some of the present reactors for securing electricity until Sweden can become fully renewable. Tomas Ramberg gave Björklund a hard time on the actual percentage of nuclear power that presently generate electricity in a recent Saturday Interview on the Radio program One. However, it still represents a significant percentage that currently cannot be replaced by renewable sources.

The argument that people seem to avoid is that of actual cost when production starts which is hard to calculate. The construction of the latest Finnish reactor which is late and more expensive is generally brought up. Avoiding dependence on Russian natural gas is of course something worth paying defence tax money for as is perhaps substituting for fossil fuel produced electricity from European sources. There is of course a risk that we would damage the prospects of the export industry with too high costs on electricity?

After listening to the speech of Jan Björklund at the Folkparti Riksmöte in Västerås the other day, I realized that he did not mention anything about future sustainability. He advocated full speed ahead. Personally I think it is unwise to not address this issue at all due to its importance. A moderate approach to sustainability from the right would be appropriate as an alternative to more unrealistic approaches of the Greens. It might be that Alliansen, the political coalition of Sweden, now delegates to the Centerparti to argue for sustainability, but it does not yet show on the national stage. Nicolas Sarkozy, a right wing politician, is arguing for sustainability who is also hard pressed by a Red-Green alliance.

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