It is the Swedish government that politicizes the history of the 1915 genocide

”Turkiets reaktion överdriven” - DN.se: "Carl Bildt tycks inte ha en tanke på att göra riksdagens beslut till svensk utrikespolitik. Den sköts i detalj av regeringen och Bildt vill nog skjuta den här frågan framför sig – utan att överväga någon åtgärd, säger Ove Bring, professor i folkrätt vid Försvarshögskolan."

Well, Carl Bildt claims in his blog that the government will not change its direction on Turkey politics. The reason apparently, to not heed a parliamentary result, is that it is wrong to politicize history. However, claiming that a historically verified genocide is not a genocide is in fact to politicize history. The reverse, which the majority of the Parliament voted for, is following the result of historic research.

I must say that I feel proud over Sweden's position as depicted by the Parliament but I ashamed over the recalcitrant position of the government. There has been some discussion lately about the Parliament being full of so called "voting cattle" but yesterday's vote proved that there still exists independently thinking MPs.

Professor Ove Bring is correct in the immature response by Turkey, a country mired with internal strife and lack of understanding of even their own history. If Germany had not recognized the fact that they had performed a genocide they would not have been where they are today. I believe that Turkey's reaction clearly proves that they have far to go before an EU membership could be considered.

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