Rattling the cage a little

Richard Cohen - Google's lonely stand for human rights in China - washingtonpost.com: "Their view of progress, they emphasize, is not our own. The free expression of ideas leads to chaos. Dissent is treason. China is too unmanageable not to be severely and ruthlessly managed. The Internet should not be a force for liberalization. It should be a force to encourage conformity. Let a thousand intellectual flowers bloom -- as long as they all bloom identically."

As I write on my Facebook profile, I am a new kind of prisoner. I have done nothing wrong but I'm kept down physically and intellectually and there is no one I can talk to about this problem. Officially I'm under the care of the psychiatry function of society.

Today I visited the local psychiatrist and tried to plead my case. It was five years since last time, if the person that said he was a psychiatrist in reality was this that time. She did not know anything about the technology which I call TTDE, the Technology That Doesn't Exist. The result is that I'm delusional and making it worse someone tried to lower my intellectual ability while I was pleading my case in the psychiatrist's office giving me that ugly Chinese smell. In other words, no positive signs yet.

My whole life hangs on the existence of TTDE. So I guess I just have to wait. Eventually there will be a Nürnberg II. If we are lucky... My book on Religious Humanism does not progress since someone from the religious hating Chinese-like sect that rule my life blocks my brain when I try to think about it, for example.

Well, Orwell's 1984 went on the radio theatre the other day. The thought police just have to lower your IQ and erase your memories, so it became worse than in the fiction. Everybody talks about innovation these days. I worry for the economy in the future.

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