21.5% extremists in the Austrian election

Voters give far right a drubbing in Austria presidential election / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com: "Mr. Fischer, formerly with the Social Democrats, garnered nearly 78 percent of the vote. Rosenkranz came in a distant second with 15.5 percent. Rudolf Gehring, leader of the newly formed Christian Party, received nearly 6 percent of the vote."

The other former partner in the Austrio-Hungarian empire Hungary displayed an extremist party Jobbik that caught 17% of the popular vote in a recent election. As in Austria another party, Fidesz, polarized and got a large part of the vote. The Danish People's Party which also alienates foreigners, got 13.8% of the vote in the 2007 year election. In Sweden, Sverigedemokraterna, is consistently getting over 4% in the polls which might mean that they could enter the parliament in this years election.

These numbers are too high in my humble opinion. People try to put the lid on but the problem remains although the CSMonitor claims the extremists parties in Austria are not popular among the young. We have to remember that Barbara Rosenkrantz ran for president on a ticket that would have changed the law against Holocaust denial. When a person claims she represents the freedom of denying the Holocaust, and gets 15.5% of the vote, something is really not alright. This is Europe, not the Islamic Republic.

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Z sa...

My aunt in Budapest says she has always favoured Fidesz, but that it's hard to see who actually isn't extremist, but she thinks Orbán is the "cleanest" politician now.