David Cameron: Big Society not Big Government

David Cameron: My credo for my country - Telegraph: "And Labour’s top-down Government will make our broken society worse, not better. So we will create an army of community organisers, independent of the state, to build the Big Society – where people come together to solve their own problems"

Is this the Tea Party of the UK? Cameron's Tories are up 9.5% on Labour in the polls so this could become reality. I'm a little wary of the "army" connotation of the community organizers. To me this sounds like a revolution of sorts. A coup? There is critique for it in The Guardian.

Cameron says "we want every adult to be part of an active neighborhood group". This would fix the "broken society" according to Cameron. He also says "Indeed there is a worrying paradox that because of its effect on personal and social responsibility, the recent growth of the state has promoted not social solidarity, but selfishness and individualism. Society is "atomised" Cameron says. I'm not sure what he means by this. People are becoming net-worked over larger distances via the internet by themselves and are perhaps not so 'neighborhoody' any longer.

To the best of my understanding there seems to be something already competing with and army of community organizers? It would also be very interesting to know how these organizers would be selected and if they would be coordinated and in this case by whom.

This is some new form of collectivistic conservatism that I find weird. Cameron's position in the EU and the intense Eurosceptism in his party would with these new ideas on how to organize oneself really move the UK to the sides in Europe. Or would it? Sweden's potential brokenness would be the partition with the "outsideship". Would a Big Society remove the outsideship in Sweden or would it just organize it?

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