The Special Relationship?

Democracy in America The Economist: "The truth is that Sarah Palin would be laughed out of Britain, while David Cameron would be kicked out of the Republican party. Barack Obama might just about fit on the Labour benches, but many of his Democratic colleagues wouldn’t. It's just not that useful to compare the British and American political landscapes at the moment."

Defining a special relationship at the moment is thus not easy. However, it seem like the europhile movement by Nick Clegg, he is even for the EMU, and the Liberal Democrats is antagonistic to the US in that Clegg, according to Democracy In America, think the special relationship between the US and Britain is over.

Gordon Brown is acting for a special relationship. He wants to increase the educational cooperation between the two countries and send Englishmen to the US for study and vice versa. If you use the EU profiles web site, constructed for the EU parliament election and based on 30 questions with weights, to determine where Labour stands in Sweden it seems like it is more like Moderaterna than Socialdemokraterna.

After two tries, a week apart, I end up right on target for Moderaterna in Sweden which, if you look, is closer to Labour than the Conservatives. I therefore then would chose Gordon Brown for PM in Britain. He is also the only person with good enough experience, the only true statesman, for these troubled times. I have gotten the feeling that Labour indeed is closer to Moderaterna than Socialdemokraterna also from other sources.

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