Spring is here!

The Sun shone finally this enlightened season and I had a coffe outside at the harbor café. There was not really much warmth in the Sun and a cold wind blew. A few boats passed by but I had to have another cup at home to warm myself up after this years outdoor première.

Apparently other people are also thinking on the perennial question "Vart är vi på väg?". One escapist disappeared in culture and this is an old trick when it comes to flight from reality.

Another became geopolitical and started to divide Europe into the Germanic and Slavic, bar Britain, and the Latin. Britain I guess will remain in its historical cradle, in splendid isolation. Especially now when the US has a Pacific president. Deutsche Welle, however, said the other day that France and Britain are talking defence together. According to Montesquieu the Nordic countries belong among the German länder. I am not so sure. What is interesting is if the predicted fusion of Eastern Europe with Russia and Germany is going to become smooth. They have been bent rather to America.

Dividing Europe up in new functional constellations is probably an irritating pastime to some that still believe it is possible to fuse the different cultures further. This was an excellent goal for Europe as long at it functioned. Now separate goals will begin to crystallize and the question is if history is going to repeat itself. The division is not just geopolitical there are philosophical bounds. The German philosophers created marxism and nazism. The English liberalism. Now, after a financial crisis in liberalism, Germany is going to modernize Russia and according to some they want the Baltic region with them. Theoretically a new cultural region post-1989. So what is your enthusiasm for this new development?

After giving up on the EU project, I have begun to think that maybe Sweden is best poised in another peninsular splendid isolation with its old neutrality politics, peace and feminism line of work. Germany is one third Catholic. Poland more so. This does not mix well. The non-EMU Norway and Britain are closer. Germany is however our largest trade partner. This is another reason for why a splendid isolation could be the best--it is not possible to chose.

So I end up with the problem of choosing the new government. It would probably be best and let Anders Borg finish our exodus from the financial crisis along the lines he has been so far. Changing strategy in the middle can only be bad. However, the Red-Greens offer that splendid isolation. We should have a woman PM, of course, and a vice-PM environmentalist. A Red-Green government would replace religion in our secular country with egalitarian environmentalism. A devout nation.

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