Poland and Hungary--New type of communism?

Poland: Out of tragedy, normality The Economist: "The suspicion lingers that the country’s old communist elite and their children have morphed into a new nomenklatura. Poles call this idea the Uklad, an all-but-untranslatable word meaning “deal”, “arrangement” or “system”. The price of the communist surrender in 1989 was that the old elite was able to turn its power into wealth, using connections, slush funds and privileges to gain a head start in the country’s shift to capitalism. The Kaczynskis found that idea repellant. They wanted a fresh start and called it a "Fourth Republic"."

Well, Victor Orban, the probable new prime minister of Hungary, started out in the Communist party and in Poland the Uklad is powerful. Perhaps it would be appropriate here to mention the fact the China is ruled by a Communist party.

My fear is that instead of having free people following their individualistic drives building Cameronian "Big Societies" there might be a new type of steering mechanism in play that make things work, for a while. A state in the state on a black economy?

If Europe now is entering a new phase where the ever closer union is replaced by an ever surer disjunction, in the wake of the defining Greece debt crisis, countries like Hungary could be come disillusioned because they have had, according to the Eurobarometer poll, greater confidence in the institutions of the EU rather than in their own. Furthermore, they have not like East Germany been refurbish by a trillion Euro infusion that still have not normalized the situation in the now eastern parts of Germany.

I can hear old communists, out of less loss of pride, say we did not just have the tools required?

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