Ukrainian Democracy?

Smoke bomb and eggs thrown in Ukraine parliament - Telegraph: "Ukrainian nationalists, led by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former President Viktor Yushchenko, regard the base as a betrayal of Ukraine's national interests. They wanted to remove it when the existing lease runs out in 2017. But parliament ratified the lease extension with 236 votes - 10 more than the minimum required for it to pass."

Carl Bildt pointed out in his blog from Tallinn recently that there would be noise concerning the extension of the lease of the Sebastopol navy base on Crimea. He was right!

When she narrowly lost the presidential election Yulia Tymoshenko charged for election fraud. She later withdrew the suit beause, as she said, it will not be possile to prove...even if she had proof of fraud. I guess eggs and smoke bombs is one way of complaining today that we might see more of in the future?

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