Change of attitude in former Soviet republics between 1991 and 2009

The change in approval (%) to multiparty system 1991/2009/change for the following countries was:

East Germany 91/85/-6
Czech Rep. 80/80/0
Slovakia 70/71/+1
Poland 66/70/+4
Hungary 74/56/-18
Lithuania 75/55/-20
Russia 61/53/-8
Bulgaria 76/52/-24
Ukraine 72/30/-42

The change in approval (%) to a market economy was:

East Germany 86/82/-4
Czech Rep. 87/79/-8
Slovakia 69/66/-3
Poland 80/71/-9
Hungary 80/46/-34
Lithuania 76/50/-26
Russia 54/50/-4
Bulgaria 73/53/-20
Ukraine 52/36/-16

There is on DN.se today an article about the political situation in Hungary by Ervin Rosenberg where a more gloomy picture than the one I accounted for the other day is painted. In this context it is interesting to note that Hungary is the most disillusioned country with respect to the introduction of a market economy. 80% approved of it in 1991 whereas only 46% approved of it in 2009. A difference of 34%.

74% approved of a change to a multiparty system whereas now only 56% approve of it. A change of 18%. What follows from this might mean, as suggested by Mr Rosenberg is that Fidesz, the party that won some 53% of the vote in the recent elections might try to emulate past times and indeed be, as Mr Rosenberg suggests an authoritative, nationalistic and populistic party.

Most disillusioned of all are however Ukraine.

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