Friends of the US?

America is not a country. It is an idea. Said the Irish born Bono of U2. As a friend of the US, I found the following poll interesting. A Gallup Poll demonstrates the response to the question "Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of the leadership of the United States?"

It turns out that sub-Saharan countries are the most friendly to the US. 80-94% of people approve on the question from about twenty such countries that top the list. It might be fair to say that the US is winning the hearts and minds here against China?

In the group from 21 to 40th place you find Japan, UK, Canada, and Denmark with 66%, 64%, 63% and 61% approval, respectively.

In the group from 41-60th place you find Germany, France and Brazil with 57%, 52% and 48% approval, respectively.

In the group from 61 to 80th place you find Sweden on the 76th position with 42% approval and 27% disapproval together with countries like Czech Republic, Bolivia, Uzbekistan and Nicaragua.

On the last polled position #110 you find Pakistan with 9% approval and 68% disapproval which of course is important in terms of the prospects in the AfPak war. Starting schools in Pakistan to slowly change the opinions must be an uphill endeavour.

It is not strange to find out, like we did yesterday, that the parties half of Sweden supports, the Red-Greens, want to demand that countries in which the US have bases send the troops home.

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