The Special Relationship?

What's So Special? The Weekly Standard: "There are specific issues on which Obama and Cameron differ, in addition to the Falklands. The alliance is, partly but importantly, a military one, and Cameron has vowed to cut spending immediately by $9 billion. This is likely to mean reductions in military expenditures to levels that are risky by American standards. Also, Cameron is staying clear of the Greek bailout and is certain to avoid involvement if other European countries face default. Obama is deeply involved."

William Hague, the new English Secretary of State, has recently visited Hillary Clinton. Smiles all over the place. The article above by Fred Barnes is more succinct. I must say that I wonder about Obama's interest in Europe? He is German rather than British. Calls Angela Merkel on the eve of disaster last week and suggests a large bailout. Most articles on the subject now seem to think it was not good enough.

In an interview in Der Spiegel Jean-Claude Trichet said that a quantum leap in economic governance is needed in Europe. Thus echoing the vagarities of the euro zone construction from early on. Fiscal unity is needed. Angela Merkel, more a public servant than the administrator Trichet, has to listen to the people. The people wonder what is going on. Merkel has said that the EU is at stake. Sarkozy has said that he will leave the Euro if Germany is not helping Greece. I guess he does not want to be left alone with the others if Germany leaves.

So Obama sweet talks Merkel in a time when she perhaps want to put her money in Russia rather than in the southern Europe. A strong economy in the eyes of Russia. He wants a stable EU. Unified in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is apparently an experiment I learned on the radio program Konflikt yesterday. I sincerely hope it will work but the recruitment of warriors that will also serve as civilian societal construction agents is a tall order. At least by some generals in the US army.

Has the time for a unified Europe disappeared? Is it possible by the EU elites to force a union any longer. How special are these relationships? Is it possible to force union in the name of peace? Who knows what makes peace? The language barriers seem very strong. Solidarity is not a problem in each country but does not seem to make any sense across the union. Perhaps the union is more stable and peaceful if each country minds their own business?

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