State sponsored Ship-to-Gaza flotilla challenges Israel

Skepp fullastade med charlataner - Debatt - Expressen.se: "I likhet med sina medorganisatörer liknar Mankell Hamas terrorister vid antinazistiska motståndsrörelser och Israel vid det nazistiska Tyskland"

Caroline B. Glick, from the Jerusalem Post via Expressen gives an interesting background to the attempt to land 8 ships with aid in Gaza and thus break the blockade Israel is doing on Hamas' criminal ruling of Gaza that in all probability aims to attack Israel anew. Hamas is against the existence of Israel and instead of building a peaceful commune with foreign aid they three years ago started to turn Gaza into a rocket ramp.

This is probably an attempt to generate an international response against Israel like the one after Operation Cast Lead where Israel lost a lot of its political capital although they had the right to defend themselves. There is now, as there was then many Israelis that want the blockade to end. However, as long as the government stands I think they should determine what the best course of action to take on Israel's security is.

According to shiptogaza.se Carl Bildt, the foreign minister of Sweden, and Caroline Ashton, EU's High representative, have supported ending the blockade. Having an opinion is one thing but causing trouble for the Israeli government I guess is another. As Lady Ashton recently visited Gaza, two rockets were fired on Israel one of which killed an Israeli.

It is going to be interesting to see what the impact is of the new National Security Dotrine of the US. Because the US are going to deal with Europe country by country and think the EU can be good for aiding the Eastern European countries. It remains to be seen what influence the opinions of the high representative will have in the future. Peter Wolodarski writes today on DN.se about the importance of EU for the international voice of Sweden. I would not be surprised if the voice of Sweden alone is not more influential than that of Lady Ashton's.

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