The land of the free and the home of the brave?

US National Security Doctrine 2010

Excerpts from the text which emphasizes resilience over freedom. Key to success is a revitalization of the US economy. I guess continued magnetism for talent is also paramount if the US wants to remain a leader in innovation.

P3—”We must educate our children to compete in an age where knowledge is capital, and the marketplace is global.”
P3—“We must pursue science and research that enables discovery, and unlocks wonders as unforeseen to us today as the surface of the moon and the microchip were a century ago. Simply put, we must see American innovation as a foundation of American power.”
P5—“Our long-term security will come not from our ability to instill fear in other peoples, but through our capacity to speak to their hopes.”
P9—“This strategy recognizes the fundamental connection between our national security, our national competitiveness, resilience, and moral example.”
P10—“America’s commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law are essential sources of our strength and influence in the world.”
P13—“Instead, we see it as fundamental to our own interests to support a just peace around the world—one in which individuals, and not just nations, are granted the fundamental rights that they deserve.”
P13—“And we recognize economic opportunity as a human right, and are promoting the dignity of all men and women through our support for global health, food security, and cooperatives responses to humanitarian crises.”
P15—”Nonstate actors can have a dramatic influence on the world around them. Economic growth has alleviated poverty and led to new centers of influence. More nations are asserting themselves regionally and globally. The lives of our citizens—their safety and prosperity—are more bound than ever by events beyond our borders.”
P20—“Nations must have incentives to behave responsively, or be isolated when they do not.”
P21—“In the 21st century, the abilities of individuals and nongovernment actors to play a positive role in shaping the international environment represents a distinct opportunity for the United States.”
P25—“Respect for universal values at home and around the world”.
P27—“Our efforts to inform and empower Americans and their communities recognize that resilience has always been at the heart of the American spirit”.
P30—“Finally, we reject the notion that al-Qaida represents any religious authority. They are not religious leaders, they are killers; and neither Islam nor any other religion condones the slaughter of innocents.”
P38—“Challenges like climate change, pandemic disease, and resource scarcity demand new innovation””.
P43—“That is why acknowledging our past shortcomings—and highlighting our efforts to remedy them—is a means of promoting our values”.
P45—“The United States supports the expansion of democracy and human rights abroad because governments that respect these values are more just, peaceful and legitimate. We also do so because their success abroad fosters an environment that supports America’s national interests. Political systems that protect universal rights are ultimately more stable, successful and secure”.
P49—“Our relationship with our European allies remains the cornerstone for US engagement with the world, and a catalyst for international action. We will engage with our allies bilaterally, and pursue close consultation on a broad range of security and economic issues.”
P59—“It’s easy to forget that, when this war began, we were united, bound together by the fresh memory of a horrific attack and by the determination to defend our homeland and the values we hold dear. I refuse to accept the notion that we cannot summon that unity again. I believe with every fiber of my being that we, as Americans, can still come together behind a common purpose, for our values are not simply words written into parchment. They are a creed that calls us together and that has carried us through the darkest storms as one nation, as one people”.
P59—“Above all, it is about renewing our leadership by calling about what is best about America—our innovation and capacity; our openness and moral imagination.”
P59—“…and with our partners at the state, local and tribal levels of government,…”

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